The Wise Witch – There’s More to Magick

Getting started on a spiritual path these days is easier than ever. We have a world of information at our fingertips and can connect with like-minded people from all over the globe!

Witchcraft is widely accepted now, which is wonderful but be very careful to not get carried away when it comes to watching all these ‘insta-witches’ on TikTok and social media. That is NOT the way to learn magick or Witchcraft!!

People talk so much shit about the danger of magick and bad things happening due to evil or offended spirits, curses, the ‘rule of 3’, demonic possession, etc, and sure, that can occasionally happen; but, the biggest and most common danger comes from people not knowing wtf they are doing and using magic in unskilled, counterproductive and plain ignorant ways.

If you are serious about spiritual development, especially Witchcraft and Magick, learn it properly with an experienced mentor and rush into spell work.

For magick to work, your life needs to be enchantable. If you do not have your life set up in a way whereby you can achieve what you want through mundane means, you’re almost certainly not going to be successful in your magick.You also need to make room for the new things to manifest by releasing the old.

Magick is an INFLUENCE. Not a sole cause. It influences change to occur, lines things up, increases the odds, levels the playing field and brings people together, etc…

It takes the path of least resistance and will always manifest through mundane means that have seemingly ‘logical explanations’. The spell will have influenced all those events and guided you to be in the right place at the right time.

You need to make it possible for the magick to manifest. Money (for example) will not just fall from the sky and land in your lap.

Follow up with mundane actions. Go out to places you enjoy, dress, and look appropriate, behave right, adjust your vibrational frequency and mindset. Be aware of who you hang out with – you are the equivalent of the 5 people you spend most time with and they too will affect your results.

Magickal mishaps, failed spells and inconvenient results generally occur for 1 of 2 reasons:

  1. The person did not know how to properly do magick. Usually, they were not even taught the foundations (which are usually neglected in the majority of books and courses), INCLUDING all the inner work which absolutely MUST come first! Or
  2. Their lives were not set up to manifest those results in a convenient, smooth, practical way, or at all. This also includes people not doing their self-discovery work and therefore going AGAINST what is actually needed or truly wanted.


It’s not that the Gods hate them or that they are being punished… It’s not that magick is evil, or any other excuse they can come up with. It simply comes down to ‘user error’.When you try to force magick to happen, in impossible circumstances, “It doesn’t just backfire, it’s like shooting a bullet into a small bullet-proof room, where it ricochets 100 times!”– as Jason Miller says.

I wish I could teach you all you need to know, right here but, sadly I can’t. The fact that you are taking the time to read this – puts you ahead of the rest though, and if you are being called to walk the Witch’s path, get in touch. I have free resources as well as in-depth programs to help you become an empowered Wise Witch in a fraction of the time!



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