Alissandra Moon Spell

The Wise Witch – Self Love Spell

Self love is something that is pushed and promoted, but it is not an easy thing to achieve. This spell is to help you to love yourself and also to radiate the energy of love wherever you go. Love has the highest vibrational frequency, so when you are in the frequency of love, you will feel amazing, make others feel good and attract good things to yourself.

This can be done at any time but starting at the New Moon or close to it and continuing during the Waxing Moon is best.


  • Your favourite body lotion
  • Music that makes you feel good about yourself
  • Light pink or white candles
  • A shower and whatever you need to shower
  • Any items to decorate your bathroom and add to the atmosphere


Light the candles and decorate however you wish to create an atmosphere of magick and sensuality. If you can, play some uplifting 528Hz music.


  • Remove your clothes and get in the shower.
  • State with conviction, “Every single cell of my body and all of my energy will now be cleansed, cleared and purified.”
  • Put your head under the water and imagine the water is going through you and purifying your entire being.
  • Everything harmful, unhelpful or not belonging to you, is cleared and washed away.
  • Once you feel clear, call upon the element of water to fill you with pure love. Love for yourself and for all things.
  • Step back under the water, put your head under and this time imagine you are being filled with love. Imagine the water is pure liquid love, entering through your crown and filling your entire body.
  • Finish your shower as normal then get dry.
  • Stand with your arms stretched out above your head and say, “I invoke the power of universal love! Divine love!”
    See and feel the universal love of the divine coming from all directions, into you, pooling in your belly.
  • Hold your lotion with both hands and take three deep breaths.
  • Hold your power hand (the one you write with or feel is strongest) over the lotion and pull the divine love up from your belly, stream down your arm and out your hand, into the lotion.
  • It may be helpful to tense up your whole body and hold it as long as you can, then push it all out through your hand as you relax.
  • When done, say, “I bless this lotion and transform it into a substance of pure love. Whenever this lotion touches my skin, it will fill me with love for myself and cause me to radiate pure love energy. Spreading it wherever I go.”
  • Now slowly rub the lotion into your skin and over your entire body whilst focusing on love. Bring up the feeling of love inside of you and focus on it so that it’s as strong as possible.
  • Massage your body lovingly, with gratitude for what it allows you to do everyday. No matter how many problems you have, your body is still a wonderful thing and it enables you to do all the things you enjoy in life.
  • You may need to start by focusing on your love for someone or something else. Once you get the feeling, direct it towards you.
  • It can take some practise.
    Once you have finished, place your hand on your heart and say, “I love you” x3, “I love ME!” x3.
  • Get dressed as normal and enjoy the love.
  • Do this spell as often as possible.
  • You can add any other little things that help you to feel loved.


If you are ready to dive deeper into your spiritual and Magickal development, contact Alissandra via messenger. Her programs not only teach the deeper mysteries of Witchcraft, but they also help you to heal, face your shadow and step into your power so that you can truly live your best life.



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