Tarot Report for March 2023

General: Ace of Wands

Wow! We’re starting this month with a bang.

Firmly into Pisces season, perfect for emotional depth and connection, there is another big push to seize any and all opportunities that come your way! Now is the time! Now is the time to start your projects, start your adventures and reinvigorate your direction.

Feel a pep in your step and use it to achieve your goals, a small effort in the right direction will go a long way this month. Fresh new intimate connections and romance could be on offer if you know where to look, be sure to be open to love and know your boundaries and how to communicate them, getting wrapped up in the moment will be easy to do this month, use it for good.

Love/ Romance: 5 of Wands

Relationships have not been faring well with multiple astrological challenges of late, and I’m sorry to say, the energy this month isn’t looking to bring in a reprieve. 

Aspects of relationships may experience misunderstandings and many niggles over what will seem like little things. Insignificant matters will arise and become a priority to be unpacked, this will push those whom are willing to find a solution to navigate through the murky waters together, despite how uncomfortable things may feel. On the other hand this will push those who lack the ability to see from another point of view to what will feel like a breaking point, be sure to communicate as best as you can and empathy will pay off. 

Family/ Domestic: 10 of Pentacles

This energy in the home and domestic areas of life is what we’ve been waiting for! Finally, the hard work towards routines, balance and planning pays off. There is a promise of abundance coming in the home and work this month with things seemingly aligning with ease. 

Additional time with family and friends spent playing board games, having home cooked dinners and long conversations will also be very blessed with good vibes this month, make the most of it and enjoy a journey back to old school connection and feel all the better for it. 

Keep on top of making time for yourself as well and you’ll be feeling like time is on your side- your hard work is paying off.

Work/Career: Ace of Wands

I have three words for you… GO FOR IT!
This is your time to strike in your career. Expect to feel motivated and clear about a work direction this month, the energy is seriously in your favour to honour your movement forward.
Be brave and take risks in work projects, putting your best ideas forward, be bold and speak up with how to change or complete something, your ideas and effort will be free flowing, don’t doubt yourself. As we enter into a GFC this year (predicted by me for years now) there is no better time to develop a new level of understanding about your finances. Now is a blessed time to reintroduce yourself to your money and work towards amazing financially abundant goals met with hard work and natural success.

Health/ Wellbeing: The World & 7 of Pentacles

Never before has there been such a sense of global unity regarding health and wellbeing, this month this feeling will be reinforced. 

There will be global news and a commonality of working together to build back a new way of understanding how and why we approach certain things. 

An energy of coming together and feeling like a good earned celebration will be looming, celebrating success and cautiously enjoying the fruits of the labour so to speak. Making proactive and positive choices for your individual health and wellbeing will be of the utmost importance as self accountability remains a common theme also. 



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