Tarot Reading for April 2023

General: 4 of Pentacles

Right on cue! As the global stage shines the light on many financial issues happening around the world, you may find yourself feeling the need to know what you have and hold on tightly to it. There is a lesson at play regarding hoarding and releasing situations, people and things in your life. Get in touch with what you need, what makes you happy and find a genuine quality balance in your life. This balance in work and home, old and new and work and play will help you embrace and not fear the next phase of your life. Money will come to you effortlessly if you allow yourself to experience the natural ebb and flow of life and energy, after all, that is what money is… energy.

Love/ Romance: 9 of Pentacles

The time has come to know and acknowledge your worth. Perfect for the fiery Aries season (Happy Birthday Aries) this energy comes through at a time where you can step back from the daily things that usually occupy your attention and see yourself as you are and as you wish to be. This is a chance before you to recognise your true value and proceed with your head held high. This will do one of two things- strengthen your connection and relationship as it will support your feelings of purpose and identity or fuel an already existing tension that makes you feel restricted. There is one thing for sure, single or partnered this is a very empowering time to fully embrace your potential and independence. Time to be free and love every second of it.

Family/ Domestic: 5 of Swords

Oh dear… As we proceed through this month, it will be important to overcome a very challenging time on the home front. Expect communication to be at odds, even over little things, it will be vital for harmony to prevail to ‘pick your battles’ so to speak. For one person to ‘win’ that naturally means another must lose, this is not what we should seek when dealing with matters of home life. Family members and those close will be stressed and feel outward pressure ready to burst inwardly. Breathe, Communicate and Release. Those closest to you can be the biggest trigger in life, but they can also be the biggest healer too. Tread carefully and kindly.

Work/Career: 10 of Swords

This vibration coming in this month is unfortunate but not surprising. We now know that what happens globally affects us all, this is yet another showcase of that very statement. As financial challenges rear their heads across the world, workplaces will feel the pinch in more ways than one. With a building undertone set for challenging communication, rivalry and overall backstabbing, this may leave you asking yourself, ‘why am I doing this?’. April provides a timely opportunity to review your career choices to this point, hopefully providing you some clarity into the future by ruling out what you DON’T want inorder to get you closer to what you do want.

Health/ Wellbeing: Death & Knight of Pentacles (Jumpers)

Duality will become a resurging theme as we welcome the second quarter of the year. There will be massive and sudden changes ever-present in people’s lives, health issues will be increasingly concerning for many and with little to no answers provided. Taking ownership of your health and well-being has never been more important. Understanding the need to rest and have long, slow rejuvenating days will become imperative. Avoiding the excessive ‘rat race’ and allowing your body to communicate what you need will be rewarded. Listen to your body and ensure you’re being listened to also. Stress will only add to undesired pressure on the cardiovascular and nervous systems – both especially vulnerable this month. Grounding and meditation will aid your search for good health and solitude.



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