Tarot – November & December 2022 Reading

For this issue I’m using the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

November 2022 Reading

General: 9 of Swords (Jumper) and Ace of Pentacles
Oh dear… it’s coming to the end of the year, what a big year it has been, but we’re FAR from done yet, with the biggest bang still on its way. November brings with it the initial bubblings before an explosion. Repeat after me… Global! Economic! Crisis! You’ve been feeling the warmth and pressure build for the past months, wondering is it just me? Or is everything getting more expensive? Why is the old wallet not stretching as far as it once did? Well, you’ve felt the warmth, now prepare for the heat! Expect stress in the financial area collectively, as things change on a global scale.

This may cause you to feel powerless – but remember what you have control over and take action on that. Small steps in the right direction will make a big difference in the long run. Trust that feeling to watch spending habits and don’t stress too much about what’s not in your realm of control.

Love/Romance: Page of Cups
They say it’s darkest just before dawn and you find what you’re looking for the moment you stop searching for it. It’s time to allow yourself to open up to a greater level of love and commitment.

A blessed loving energy will be about in early to mid-November especially, but the entire month brings with it an opportunity to embrace more emotional depth with a close connection. New affections will be on the rise, ushering in new developments with communication and personal growth. Those who are attached already will be upgrading the extent of their commitment with more time and energy towards what brings in happiness. Those who are searching for the missing piece, don’t despair, there’s something right around the corner when you least expect it.

This is truly a breath of fresh air for the heart and soul – breathe it in and enjoy!

Family/Domestic: 9 of Cups and 5 of Pentacles (Jumper)
Remember the old stories from your parents and grandparents about how simple life used to be and how they passed the time? Well, those stories may become your very own soon enough.

With an energy pushing you to simplify everything in your life, especially how you’re spending your time, there is new found wisdom in old words. Feeling a compulsion to have long, slow days that nourish your mind, body and soul will become addictive. Perfecting the art of balancing social BBQs in the park with friends as the sun sets, and the wholesome quality time that lazy home days with family provides will become almost a hobby – a welcome and needed hobby indeed. Allow yourself to go with the flow and really enjoy yourself without breaking the budget. There are wonderful memories to be made this month – think Champagne memories on a water budget.

Work/Career: The Hanged Man and (Jumper Page of Wands)
As we approach the end of the calendar year, we find ourselves facing a push/pull choice to make in the area of work. The first thing to ask yourself, at this turning point is, are you happy in your current workplace? The second is, what boundaries are you needing to implement in order for you to have a healthy and happy work/life balance?

When you make the choice that honours and respects your future, there will be a supportive energy accompanying it, an almost ‘pep in your step’. This is your chance to push forward with a long awaited change that will enliven your perspective and reawaken your ambition on the career front. Working smarter, not harder, because quality is ALWAYS better than quantity.

Health/Wellbeing: The Hierophant
An intense month for sure, I wouldn’t expect anything less in Scorpio season. With big questions arising on everyone’s mind this is a great time to ask, are you taking care of yourself? Have the choices you’ve made for your health and wellbeing worked in your favour? Is your body talking to you about what it needs? With the Hierophant indicating a sense of conformity, a question will need to be posed to the future you… What will I do for my body if…? Not fitting the ‘mold’ might in turn be quite a rewarding feat. Think short-term sacrifices equals long-term gain.

Just like you would with a large financial investment you’d naturally employ the wisdom of not just one but multiple experts before engaging and committing to the ‘deal’, so when you cast the net wide and explore many options for what really is your one and truly biggest asset and investment a.k.a. YOUR BODY you value it and make the best choice possible. Expect a strain to be on the health systems in large as we end this year, you have a big choice before you – to be dependent or empowered. Listen to your body, it knows best.

December 2022 Reading

General: 4 of Swords and Page of Pentacles (Jumper)
Continuing the seemingly themed end to our year, there will be a trend being observed all around and this trend will be driven by the need to recharge and revive financial systems. Consider your bank account, consider how you use your money and how it works or in some cases does not work for you. This month the happenings for the general energy will be a timely reminder to pull back, manage and moderate your future with intention. Keep in mind, money is energy, when you have managed your energy well, it’s reflective of your financial status – it’s okay for you to have selfish moments as we farewell the big bang of 2022. Take your time and be true to yourself.

Love/Romance: 9 of Pentacles
If this month’s love and romance energy had a title it would be: empowered and ready to thrive! What a wonderful time to finally feel comfortable in your own skin. This is perfectly timed for finding your feet in more than one way. Finding yourself is truly the best connection of all, but… having your cake and eating it too is even better. Expect a thriving vibrancy of attention and admiration heading your way. It’s your time to enjoy the lighter, more joyous things in life and let your hair down. When you feel like the best version of yourself it shows and shines through drawing people to you like a magnet. New connections will be in the plenty and old ones will be reignited. Enjoy, it’s your life.

Family/Domestic: 10 of Wands and 3 of Pentacles
We all want to ensure our home and domestic life is the best it can be but be sure not to bite off more than you can chew in December 2022. There will be an opportunity fall at your feet to change, upgrade, renovate, refinance or sign on the dotted line for a level of improvement to your circumstances. This will be tempting, especially for something you’ve been wanting for a while, but be sure to do your due diligence and research all possibilities and ‘what ifs’. Consider what resources you have available to you for the specific situation that unfolds to keep you supported and not overwhelmed with burden.

Work/Career: Justice
Wow! The snooze button is no longer available for your work and career front in December I’m afraid. Do your best to look at all options and feel what’s really right for you. What will follow this major life-changing move to either stay or go on your current path, will usher in an entire new phase of your work life, so choose well. This is no small energy by any measure, but it doesn’t have to be a stressful experience, there is an abundance of prosperity on its way as you honour your unique journey. Some may crave structure and security and others will desire the need to be more independent with the will to start self-employment ventures – which one are you?

Health/Wellbeing: 4 of Swords
Repeat after me… “I will endeavor to have Rest, Recharge and Recuperation in my life.” Those who do not make time for self-care on the physical level this month will find themselves in a pickle. We can only do so much and go so far before we have the need to recharge our body’s batteries and go again. In this increasingly busy world we find ourselves in, if we don’t manage our energy and time, it will manage us. There will be an increase in hospital dependency this month by the looks of things. How many illnesses can be avoided by the simple act of self-care and relaxing yourself well before burnout happens? It’s now or never to Rest and Reboot.

Missy Rivers is a Spiritual Psychic Medium and Teacher.



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