Staying Connected in a World of Duality

We live in a world of duality. Good versus evil, right and wrong, bad and good, male and female – everything and everyone is perceived as separate from each other. This means that many people live their lives completely in ego and are unaware of the impact that their behaviour might be having on others. In duality, it is easy to judge and condemn others ad to believe that colour, demographic, level of intelligence, culture and financial status define who is more important and more deserving in society. Duality divides and conquers, suppressing and oppressing some while elevating others beyond recrimination whether they deserve it or not. The third-dimensional world is one of distortion, where the veil of illusion keeps people locked into the belief that what they see is all that is possible – for many, life is a battle with no reprieve.

The truth in the third-dimensional world is much different to that in the Fifth Dimension, for in this state duality becomes an illusion and all that remains is Oneness. We call this Ascension, and it is achieved through raising our vibrations, and thus our consciousness, beyond the ego and limitations of a physical body. Of course, it is not a linear process and keeping our consciousness above the drama and denseness of third-dimensional Earth requires diligence and is not always easy!

The highest truth in the Universe is that there is no separating someone in Sudan and what is happening for them from another person in Australia or Canada or India. In the energy of Oneness, the Queen is no more important than someone who is homeless or even an insect! There is no separating Creator from God,  Buddha, Krishna or Jehovah – they are all one and the same. All on Earth, be it plant, animal or human, is connected, whether it be consciously or subconsciously, to the Source of Creation, to the Earth and to their own higher self that holds the knowledge of their soul journey through many lives and deaths. This connection binds all who reside on the planet Earth to each other and, as a consequence, lays equal responsibility for all that occurs on Earth on each and every soul and living energy on Earth at this time. To ponder this concept may be quite staggering for many, but for those whose spirituality has reached a level where such thoughts are familiar, it is a fact that they carry knowingly and, sometimes, solitarily.

As Master Kathumi has channelled to me in the past, “Your soul has lived many lives in many bodies, countries and eras. You may even have existed in a form other than human. Your spirit is of the essence; it is of the elements and it is of the Creator, whose light is of the essence and is one and the same as yours. His love encompasses your spirit and burns within you as the Sacred Flame. As the essence of the light of the Creator, you know only unconditional love. In the human form, you have experienced the many facets of ego that cause emotional pain and trauma, yet the essence of the Creator that is inexplicably linked to your own still burns within you. You are ever one with Him/Her whether you know it or not. All is one, and one is the all.”

So, whatever you are experiencing on Earth now, or have experienced in the past, is part of your soul journey. The lessons you are learning and have learnt all form an important part of your soul’s growth towards enlightenment and mastery. If all of us could only consider life as one big lesson, it might just bring the hard times into sharper perspective. Learning lessons means we don’t have to learn them again; what a relief that thought is! Remembering that we are all on the one, gigantic ship (Earth) but just on different decks (levels and dimensions of consciousness, demographics and life circumstances) and cabins (human bodies and in different cultures), then we may learn to look beyond the illusions of duality and start to be just a little bit kinder to each other.

Now wouldn’t that be a nice change!

The Book of Life: Lessons from Mother Earth channeled by Victoria Cochrane is full of beautiful messages from the Masters to help humans to learn to live more in harmony with Mother Earth. Every chapter is accompanied by a meditation, which have also been recorded and are available when you buy the book.

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