Staying connected above the Rubble

In this day and age of so much global crisis, it would be easy to think that the world’s gone to rack and ruin and there is no home. The saving grace, however, is that so many people are discovering their inner connection to spirituality that transcends religious doctrine and have raised their vibrations to become lightworkers and spiritual teachers. There are, of course, many who are not interested in leading others but have found their own inner peace and calm through regular spiritual practices.

The dilemma of finding ourselves spiritually is that we still have to live in the physical world. Staying connected can prove extremely difficult in the face of all the drama occurring in the world, both in the media and in our own personal lives.

The key to maintaining a spiritual connection in a busy world is all about positive and high vibrations. The higher you can keep your vibrational frequency, the less likely you will get dragged down into Third Dimensional vibrations of fear, drama and negativity. Once a person has succumbed to fear they will easily become swamped by self-doubt, criticism from others and all of the old negative belief systems they may have been working to eliminate. Getting oneself back to a high vibration where one can see everything from a higher perspective and stay calm and grounded can thereafter be no mean feat, particularly if the people around you do not share spiritual views.

Reaching a higher state of consciousness is one thing, but maintaining it requires vigilance. Here are some tips to keep your vibrations high and to avoid taking on the negative energies of others:

  • Meditate every day. Find time to go within and just be.
  • Keep yourself grounded. Walk on the grass or sand in bare feet or anchor your energy into Mother Earth.
  • Stay away from the media. News and current affairs are filled with sensationalism, drama and fear-mongering.
  • Keep your thoughts positive. Eliminate any negative self-talk by being mindful of your thoughts throughout the day.
  • Do something you love —dancing, singing, gardening, reading….make time for you.
    Eat healthy food and get enough sleep.
  • Love yourself! Happiness comes from within.

Ascension is not a linear process and takes awareness, vigilance and the use of spiritual tools. I will describe some of those next month!

The Book of Life: Lessons from Mother Earth channeled by Victoria Cochrane is full of beautiful messages from the Masters to help humans to learn to live more in harmony with Mother Earth. Every chapter is accompanied by a meditation, which have also been recorded and are available when you buy the book.

Now Victoria has released Oracle Cards that contain an inspirational quote from the book, with an important part of the meditation on the back. So you can receive a quick inspirational message to start each day!

The book is available from Victoria’s website and all online sellers for $29, with the cards only available direct from Victoria for $35 plus postage. Book and cards packages are available for the reduced price of $58.00.



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