The New Moon is an important event in the lunar cycle and marks the start of a new beginning. Learn how to set intentions and manifest your goals with this powerful practice.

Setting Intentions for the New Moon

The New Moon is an important event in the lunar cycle and presents an excellent opportunity for setting intentions. Intention-setting is a powerful practice that helps us to manifest our goals, desires and dreams into reality. When we set an intention, we focus on the thing or experience we want to create.

The New Moon is an incredibly potent time for intention-setting because it marks the start of a new lunar cycle and represents a fresh beginning. Throughout this article, we will explore why setting intentions with the New Moon can be beneficial and how you can use this powerful practice to manifest your best life.

First, let’s explore what is meant by ‘intention-setting’. Intention-setting is essentially setting a goal or desire you would like to achieve during the next lunar cycle (i.e., until the next new moon). This could be anything from wanting to make more money or improve your relationships to becoming healthier or finding more inner peace. Whatever it may be, when you set an intention with the New Moon, you are signalling to the Universe that you are ready for new potentials and opportunities and inviting them into your life.

It’s important when setting intentions with the New Moon that they are realistic and achievable. The intention must also be empowering – something which will benefit not only yourself but also those around you too. Additionally, intentions should not just be about material possessions; focusing on building inner qualities such as self-love and compassion will bring much more long-lasting satisfaction than material possessions ever could.

When creating your intention, it is helpful to use positive language such as “I am…” or “I have…” rather than negative language such as “I don’t want…” as this helps reinforce positive energy around your goal. Also, write out each intention clearly on paper – studies show that writing intentions down has been proven to significantly increase success rates in achieving goals!

Once you have written down your intentions, it’s time to set them during the New Moon phase itself!

Light some candles and get into a meditative state – focus on clearing any blockages which prevent you from embodying these new potentials within yourself then express gratitude for what has already been achieved thus far before finally reciting/visualizing/feeling each of your intentions – exploring how they feel deep within yourself – allowing yourself space to embody each one before moving on to the next one.

After all, this is complete, expressing gratitude once again before finally blowing out said candles..

Afterwards, its important that throughout each day of this lunar cycle we continue embodying these same intentions – visualizing them daily whilst engaging with activities which help make them become realities (whether its through taking physical steps towards their achievement or just continuing shifting our internal beliefs about ourselves). Remember: consistency + patience = progress!

In conclusion: Setting intentional practices at every new moon can genuinely help us manifest our desired lives – whether it’s about improving ourselves internally or externally – it can really help put us onto paths that lead closer towards living authentically if done correctly!

So why not give it a try – take some time out every month at new moons + observe how things shift afterwards 🙂



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