Spiritual Discovery Journal – A Unique Journal for Self-Discovery

  • Beautifully designed full colour journal
  • Large Size (215 x 280mm)
  • Section sewn spine – long lasting and will sit flat for easy writing
  • 276 pages – 12 full months of journaling
  • UNDATED – you can start using this journal at anytime


A journal lovingly created by 12 inspirational leaders. Each month they will use their own unique spiritual modality to introduce you to methods of guided journaling. Join them on a journey to discover your own spiritual gifts, awaken your mind, expand your life and inspire your heart & soul.

With every order of The Spiritual Discovery Journal – you’ll receive FREE entry into our Journal MEMBERS CLUB! In this group we have introduction videos from all your authors where they have presented their methodology – very handy to watch before you begin each month. Plus a like minded community to share your journey with, daily inspiration and plenty of tips.

The Spiritual Discovery Journal offers daily wisdom at your fingertips. This collaboration of 12 inspirational & influential Spiritual Leaders provides you with 12 separate modalities and how they journal to live a full and enriched life. With space to journal everyday – for 12 months – you can follow their guided techniques on a journey back to self.


What’s in the journal?

  • Pip Coleman – Wake up to the wisdom of your soul with archangel prescriptions
  • Michele Scott – Numerology practises for self discovery & soul purpose
  • Roisin Featherstone – Enhancing fitness through mindful journaling and planning
  • Kerryn Slater – Mindfulness practise that nurtures heart coherence
  • Melissa Mills – Mediumship – connecting to loved ones in spirit
  • Gwenda Smith – Healing practises for a life enriched and free
  • Leonie Featherstone – Activate your senses for inspired journaling
  • Merendi Leverett – Set your intention to focus on life purpose
  • Victoria Cochrane – Channel your guides’ messages through meditative practises
  • Rebecca-Lee – Ancestral healing to break karmic family patterns
  • Linda Willow Roberts – Master Manifesting  – become a magical manifesting magnet
  • Gail Conley – Reading using the Moon to map your journeyhttps://youtu.be/mKO-XGOwxiA

Sarah is a visionary entrepreneur who has made it her mission to propel the success of spiritual leaders and entrepreneurs. With over 10 years of experience, she has built a thriving business empire that helps Spiritpreneurs shine online and be known as leading experts. Through her expertise, Sarah has positioned her clients as renowned authorities in their industry, catapulting them to success beyond their wildest dreams. Her commitment to empowering spiritpreneurs is unmatched, and her impact on the industry is undeniable.



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