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Numerology – January & February 2023 Forecast

January 2023 Forecast

The Universal month is calculated by adding the current month to the current calendar year. January is the 1st month, and the year is 2023, so we add those numbers together 1 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 3 which equals 8. So, this month, we will be under the influence of the number eight.
Happy New Year!

Here is a quick overview of 2023, a number-seven year. You can expect this year to be one of asking questions, self-exploration, self-development and discovery. During this cycle, it’s normal to withdraw and to want more time for yourself. You might be inclined to broaden your knowledge in areas that can help you achieve your goals, Uni, workshops, short courses, and mentoring are all possible scenarios under this vibration. Religion and metaphysical practices are relevant, so, don’t be surprised if you find yourself questioning your spiritual faith or exploring different pathways that appeal. Cruises, islands, and places where you’re surrounded by water, or where water is a central theme are locations to consider for a holiday.

Looking at January, time management will be important. Organise your finances, pay off debt, and actively take care of any health matters (including dental). Implement a plan for what you want to get out of the year ahead – be sure to consider the spiritual aspects of life as well. Think about what your objectives are and how you might realistically achieve your goals because having sensible motivational strategies in place will give you a greater opportunity to fulfil them. Writing and publication associated with magazines, news and online presence are featured under this vibration so tackle commitments or desires connected to these areas.

If you have concerns associated with an unhealthy relationship from last year or have negative residue left over from a toxic encounter, you should address it so that you can release any karmic ties. If you’re unable to completely remove yourself from the situation, you should look for ways to live a life involving the least amount of confrontation and stress. Those involved in custody battles should tread lightly. Stand in your power, but don’t be aggressive. Be mindful of your actions during January, expectations and irrational thoughts can create disruption and, in some cases, arguments. Watch your intake of alcohol, and toxic substances and control damaging and impulsive desires.

Businesses, real estate, and large corporations such as banking institutions and law firms can apply during this period, so if this pertains to you, ask questions and look closely at the fine print before signing on the dotted line. Don’t be swayed by emotions, rather, rely on analysis when making important decisions.

It’s the perfect month to run with a unique idea or a tried-and-true concept. Connect with water and nature if you suffer from anxiety or become uptight and stressed. Swimming and being active should be a priority to keep your circulation flowing and your mental health happy. If you have young children education and sport is highlighted.

February 2023 Forecast

Again, we add the Universal month to the current calendar year. February is the second month, and the year is 2023, so we add those numbers together 2 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 3 which equals 9. So, this month, we will be under the influence of the number nine.

Where last month speaks of the written word and publishing, this month focuses on similar, but in a different area, writing and publishing books, or to a lesser extent, journalling. If writing isn’t your thing, reading books might interest you. This month is a great time to strengthen your knowledge in areas of the occult or learn different philosophies that might attract you. Bursts of inspiration can help those of you who enjoy the creative fields.

Under this vibration, culling should be a precedence. This can mean going through clothing and items, cleaning your home or a room from top to bottom, dealing with unhealthy relationships head-on, and committing to implementing solutions where bad habits and negative circumstances are needing your attention. Don’t play the blame game this month, keep notes and talk to those you trust so that you can stay motivated and accountable. Finalising projects should be prioritised in February because it will free you up for next month. It’s always nice to enter a new cycle unrestricted.

You can expect your intuition to be heightened under this vibration, so, watch for signs and listen to your inner voice. Endings can occur around relationships and partnerships, your work, and plans or obligations you may need to let go of. If you are experiencing a difficult cycle, it’s important to remember that these conditions aren’t always forever, sometimes they’re only temporary so that valuable lessons are taught in the present moment to help aid you down the track. Whatever your circumstance, it’s a chance to learn, an opportunity for redirection and a favourable time to start a brand-new path going forward. It’s essential to take stock of how you’re feeling and to live without regret, anger, or allow yourself to become stuck in negativity – breathe, let go, and keep moving onward. If people from your past make a reappearance, it’s up to you whether you want to rekindle the relationship or enjoy it temporarily, but if you do decide to welcome people from your past back into your life, do it on your terms. Remember how it was and why the relationship broke down in the first place.

Charities and philanthropic projects come under this vibration. Starting humanitarian endeavours, donating items or funds, or giving your time are all worthy of this energy. Use motivational strategies, natural therapies, music, and colour to lift the mood and be guided by the law of attraction principles. Need to make an appointment for a beauty treatment or have your hair done? Go for it!

Amanda E Burgess is the author of Numerology & Your House.



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