Karma Equals Power

We have all heard the word Karma. My question is how many of us really understood about Karma and how we should be using Karma?

So many people put their wishes into Karma coming back onto a person that has upset or hurt them. The Oxford Dictionary’s definition of Karma is the following: (in Hinduism and Buddhism) the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.
Or another way to see it as good or bad luck is viewed as resulting from one’s actions.

Karma is energy. Karma means action. We have all heard that with every action there is a reaction.

Karma is not good or bad energy; it is simply energy that has been created by action and it will be returned to that person. We can look back at many old sayings that we have heard and understand that they may not have called this energy Karma, but they understood it.

Who remembers being told, “Treat people the way you want to be treated.” Or another good one is, “You reap what you sow!”

I can always remember my father asking people who had a run of bad luck or had a horrible illness, “How many men did you kill in your past life?” Such a horrible statement, but this brings us back to the fact that our ancestors also believe that if you are reincarnated you might come back in this life with a Karmic debt that had to be repaid. Hence what did you do in your past life for such bad luck?

This is the way that people could understand or justify why good people had horrible things occur in their life. My grandmother always spoke of our Karmic debt. How everything we did and everyone we met had a Karmic significance or as she would say it, “Everything happens for a reason.” “There is no luck, only fate.”

I see and understand Karma as your own power. Many people do the same thing day after day and see it as their Karmic debt. They do not feel they have any choice, but to continue with that job or stay in the relationship. Too many of us give away our power. Too many of us allow others to make our choices for us.

As many of us understand energy and how Karma is energy, we can then go one step further and understand how Karma is also our power. Do you act and use the free will we all came here to experience, or do we stick in the same actions, the same energy day in and day out? By doing the same actions we are not moving forward or backward in our spiritual life.

We have the power to choose to break from these ideas. We can use our power to remove all the negative thoughts about Karmic debt and start to become aware of our own strong power. Our energy. Our choices. Understand that with every action we do there will be a reaction. It might be a negative or a positive one. It is up to us, in our own power to make these choices.

Of course, we aren’t on this journey alone. We have chosen our family and friends around us. We have made decisions on our beliefs and how we chose to live and where, as well as how we treat people. We do however have the POWER to choose how we might think, act, and decide to move forward in this lifetime, even if that hurts the people around us and the ones we love.

Each day, every moment of time, we are doing actions, thoughts, and the way we speak and treat other living creatures, our habits and lifestyle choices, all will create a reaction… our Karma.

Our Karma is stored in our chakras. Which makes sense as they are the energy centres within our body.

There are 3 types of Karma:
• The Karma we come into this lifetime with
• The Karma that will be with us for our next lifetime
• The Karma we create in this existence

When we take care of self, cleanse and clear our energy centres, so we can easily see and understand who and what we are here to do, our life purpose if you like, we start to release our Karma.

By making an effort to be grateful, show compassion, forgiving yourself and others, to send out high loving energy to each other you will receive this action back. If you sit in a negative energy, one of anger, resentment and jealousy, guess what will be in your life each day. When you make good choices It will also help you to clear any Karma within you and step out of any illusions you may have had about yourself or your life for a more positive experience. By taking the time to make good choices you will find that the energy coming back to you – your Karma will be of positive energy. Instead of being stuck in a traffic pile-up for 4 hours, you may find that you are delayed by 10 minutes so you miss the accident and can then take another way home. So all the years I heard my parents and teachers tell me, “Make good choices,” I had no idea how enlightened they truly were. So please be kind to yourself and others. Make good choices in your life and experience good positive actions in your world. Create your Karma. Create your own Power.




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