Human Design and Co collaboration with the Universe

You were never meant to be doing this alone.

Your life, love, expansion, contraction, and evolution are and always have been guided and supported. I know sometimes it doesn’t feel like that, especially when moving through tough seasons in your life when you’re in the trenches—battling through situations that make you feel depleted, frustrated and lost. These are often the times that make us question if we are on the right path and wonder what we did to deserve the pain.

One of the most empowering lessons Human Design teaches is that having a deep connection to your own inner guidance system, your intuition, and the call of your heart is an incredible way to create space for the Universe to support you through every season of your life.

Why? Because these connections are access to the language of your soul. And the Universe is always trying to support you in fulfilling your soul’s highest evolution.

The trouble so many of us have is that throughout our life, we’ve been taught to disregard this innate wisdom. Bit by bit, when you disregard your intuitive knowing and instead follow your mind’s reasoning of what “should” be in your highest and best, you cause confusion and tension within your energy body. 

That’s not to demonise the thinking mind. Only t to bring awareness to the way your mind will always try to keep you safe (thank god, right? We need that sometimes), whereas your soul will always be guiding you towards expansion and the fulfilment of experiencing and expressing your life’s purpose. 

The magic comes when you learn to realise when your thinking mind is acting unreasonably through conditioned responses or when it is genuinely trying to keep you safe. 

What would happen if you had faith in your deep knowing?

Human Design for supporting you in connecting with your souls’ guidance.

Inside your Human Design chart, your Strategy is one of the tools that help you connect to your inner wisdom with more clarity and confidence. 

Your “Strategy” – Is the way you are designed to attract the opportunities and synchronicities that are meant for you.

If you think of all the energy of the cosmos as a flowing river. This river of energy is abundant and life-giving, and you have access to it ALWAYS. There is an unlimited supply of possibilities in this river. But, to take what you need from it, what is meant for you, you have to understand how your energy interacts with that of the flowing river. You need to have a “Strategy” if you will, which will allow you to step into flow with the river. Once you do that, accessing the possibilities and opportunities in the river happens naturally. 

Each of the 5 Human Design Energy Types is paired with its own Strategy.

Generators – Respond
Manifestors – Inform
Projectors – Wait to be invited
Man Gens – Visualise, Respond & Inform
Reflectors – Wait a lunar cycle

Generators: Respond

You are constantly being fed information. All your senses are working together to stay dialled into the constant stream of information that is coming at you from external sources. Your job as someone energetically designed to “respond” is to notice the responses you feel in your body to the information you are receiving. This information could be anything, from a conversation with a friend, a song on the radio, or a smell on the breeze. You name it. If you can sense it, you are being given an opportunity to respond.

One of the keys to utilising your Strategy of responding is identifying what a positive and negative response feels like in your body. Human Design offers guidance on which areas of your body, in particular, to pay attention to (through your Authority). But as a Generator, your Sacral response or your “gut response” is also a vital part of your energy body (regardless of your Authority) and should be considered part of your internal compass. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to reconnect with your sacral to become familiar with your positive and negative responses.

Once you have become familiar with your positive and negative responses, the next step is to TAKE ALIGNED ACTION. If you have had a negative response, your aligned action would be not to leak or waste any more energy on that particular person, situation or opportunity. 

If you have a positive response, you can start getting clear on the right course of action to move forward. This could mean starting again with the cycle of responding, i.e. being aware of your responses to new information, OR it could be that you already know the direction you need to take and what that aligned action looks like. Either is fine. Let your Sacral response guide you. The more aligned action you take, the more you will be stepping into flow, and then you start this self-perpetuating cycle of being tuned into and in flow with all that is meant for you in this lifetime.

Manifestors -Inform 

Manifestors, you lucky ducks! You are the only one of the five Energy Types that get to take aligned action without having to wait for any outside influence.

For Manifestors to have the most positive, energetic exchange, it is vital that you let the world know what you are doing (Inform). The reason for this is that Manifestors are here to be creative forces, to bring new ideas and ways of being to the collective, and when they do that, their actions impact EVERYONE around them. Sharing with the world what you are doing allows the right people to get on board your movement, support you and help you bring your vision to life.  

Informing is a natural process for Manifestors, but it has been made difficult. It often doesn’t feel natural because many of you have learned (through conditioning) that when you tell people what you are doing, others immediately want to tell you that you can’t or try and control you somehow. This is part of the conditioning that Manifestors need to overcome. 

It is vitally important that you understand that you can’t keep everyone happy all the time. It is none of your business what other people think of the direction you are taking your life or what new creative ventures you are embarking on. Can you be bold enough to trust yourself and inform without holding any weight on what other people expect from you?

Manifestors are not here to be controlled. They are here to be trailblazers and share what they are doing with the collective. There is no need for convincing, just share what you are doing, and the right people will support you. The people who don’t support you will get on someone else’s train, and that is perfect.

Your Strategy should be applied to every area of your life. You can start experimenting by simply telling the people in your life what you are doing. The people around you will appreciate and feel loved when you let them know what you are doing with your life. Everything from going to the beach to starting a new business. It doesn’t matter what it is. Let the people know, and be prepared to hold firm with your plans even if people disagree with the direction you are headed.

Manifesting Generators – Visualise, Respond & Inform

Because Man Gens are a hybrid of Manifestor and generator energy, you beauties get given extra love when it comes to your Strategy.

Part of your strategy is to respond. Don’t forget that you are a Sacral being, and creating space for your Sacral response is AN ESSENTIAL part of your energetic design.

Before you respond, Man Gen’s are designed to “try it on.” take time to try whatever opportunity, person, or place is being offered and visualise what the potential outcome could be for you. Take it for a spin, and while you are doing that, tune into and check in with your SACRAL response. 

Once you have had a positive or negative response, you can then take aligned action. Whether it’s negative or positive doesn’t matter as long as you are honouring that response and the action you take is aligned with it.

The next part of your Strategy is to INFORM. This means speaking about your aligned action. Tell people what you are up to. By doing this, you will attract the right people into your energetic field. You are also automatically stabilising the energy around you so that you can take your aligned action from solid ground. When Man Gens or Manifestors don’t inform the people around them of what they are doing, they create uneasy and sometimes unsupportive energy. The reality is that your decisions impact others, and simply by telling others what you are doing, you help others feel comfort and ease, which is often what the other Energy Types need to feel loved, important and willing to support you in your journey.

To summarise.

First, create space in your energy body, so you are open to Responding. When you have something to respond to, visualise the potential outcomes. While you are doing that, check in with your Sacral response, and then once you have decided on your aligned action, inform the people who will be impacted what you are up to.

Projector – Wait to be invited.

Yep, waiting to be invited is precisely as it sounds. To have a positive, energetic exchange, the type that leads you to attract the right people, places, and opportunities, you are designed to wait to be invited to share your insights.

There is no need to panic, though! I know, at first glance, this sounds like a recipe for a blocked throat chakra, but trust me, it’s not as restrictive as it sounds.

One key point to note about your Strategy that will help you breathe a sigh of relief is that you don’t have to wait to be invited to share EVERYTHING there are specific times when it is MOST essential to apply. 

So what are the times you MUST wait to be invited?

Any situation that has to do with you sharing your gifts, any relationship or major life decision, like finding a house, job, starting a business etc. These are the times when waiting for an invitation will keep you aligned with the right people, places and opportunities.

The in-between time is where you get to cultivate your magnetism. You do this by learning, playing and creating. When you spend time becoming more of an expert in the things that come naturally to you, your energy speaks for you. Your energetic field will attract the right invitations!

One of the biggest challenges for Projectors is learning to be patient when you are waiting for the right invitations. The most beneficial thing you can do is be proactive about building your knowledge. Doing the things that make your heart sing and give you a pep in your step contributes to building your energetic signal so that the right invitations know where to find you.

You can also let your loved ones know that it helps if they invite you to share your thoughts, strategies, and opinions. Although the Strategy of waiting for an invitation is most importantly applied to the major decisions I mentioned above, it can make for stronger communication and help you build trust in your Strategy when you also use it in your day-to-day life. An example might be to ask your partner to invite you to share your thoughts, ideas and opinions. This signals that your point of view is valuable and creates the opportunity for positive, energetic exchange and strong communication. By using your Strategy in this way, you also help to build trust in the process. When you see the positive results of these energetically correct exchanges on the micro-level, it will be easier to trust in it when it comes to those significant areas of your life that I MENTIONED EARLIER.

One of the biggest gifts you can give yourself as a Projector is spending time cultivating your talents. You literally become an energetic beacon, and you will start getting recognition and attracting the right invitations when you do this.

Reflector – Wait a Lunar cycle

Beautiful reflectors, the rarest of the Energy Types. Your Strategy is as Unique as you are.

When it comes to stepping into flow with life, attracting the correct opportunities and synchronicities, waiting for a complete 28-day lunar cycle is your magic. 

It might sound completely bonkers, but there is a very good reason for it. The other four energy types are known as solar beings. The definition in their chart is activated by the sun. You have NO definition in your chart. The way you experience the energies in your chart is through your relationships with other people AND the activation of the different elements via the transit of the moon.

Over a 28-day period, the moon transits through all of the 64 gates in your chart. And it is through experiencing the different energies in the lunar transit that you can play with and try on different options for stepping into alignment. It is also super important for you to have a solid group of people that you can rely on to have thought-provoking conversations to help you to gain clarity on the choices and decisions you make. Through waiting for a complete lunar cycle, you gain clarity on what is important to you and where to invest your energy or not. This is how you will magnetise the right opportunities and synchronicities.

Knowing your Strategy is great, but the magic really happens when you start working with it daily. When you start experimenting with your Strategy, you can build your own evidence of how incredibly supportive it is. The more evidence you build, the more you will be able to trust in the win-win nature of the Universe and trust that you have all the tools you need to step into a life flow with ease.

Human Design Embodiment practice.

Start experimenting with coming home to that wisdom and reconnect with the supportive, co-collaborative relationship you have with the Universe by discovering your Human Design Strategy.

CLICK HERE to discover your Human Design Energy Type, Strategy and Authority.

For more information about Human Design and to discover tools for your success, CLICK HERE. 

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