Finding Your Inner Channel

Even though I have shared the story of how I came to be a psychic channel many times, it is worth sharing again purely for the fact that it may, I hope, inspire others to take notice of the signs, no matter how insignificant they may seem.

I was awakened to my inner channel by my deceased grandfather. Now that’s not a statement you hear every day!

I was smelling cigarette smoke (Pa died of emphysema and never could give smoking up) when other people couldn’t, which became really frustrating and more and more mysterious. In the end, a psychic unlocked who it was for me, and Pa and I connected.

I had no idea what I was doing! However, I took myself off to the botanic gardens with a pen and paper and cleared my mind. I just wrote what came into my mind; it was just words and phrases, but it was about salary sacrificing which made perfect sense because Pa had been a chartered accountant! What I was doing, unbeknownst to me, was automatic writing.

Channeling is a gift of clairaudience and is where the mind receives messages outside one’s own thoughts. It can happen if you have asked a question in your mind, or thoughts may just come in randomly without you ever having thought of them. Some people do hear voices as well.

I’m a firm believer that psychic gifts are innate within us and just need unlocking through belief, trust and practice. Even if one clair is stronger than another, I have found that working on that strongest clair will help to unlock others.

The best way to start channeling, in my view, is to do what I did and try automatic writing. Before you do, here are a few tips:
• Know who you are talking to. Messages from the spirit world are much less trustworthy than those from a Master or an Archangel. Intend that the Archangel who is working with you give you a message or call in my go-to, Archangel Michael.
• Make sure you are grounded and hydrated.
• Ask for any messages received to be for your highest and best, not just the greater good. What is for the greater good is not always the best for us!
• Clear your mind and let the message come in – if you start overthinking it, stop and start again.
• Be specific in your questioning and clear in your intentions.
• Work on clearing your mind through meditation and breathwork.
• Trust that you can do it.
• Keep practising.

The same tips can be applied to the use of tarot or oracle cards and pendulums.

TRUST is the keyword in any type of spiritual or psychic work. If we don’t trust our connection, our abilities, or our work, then the messages won’t be trustworthy.

I believe in you!


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