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Face Up to the Truth and Turn Your Life Around

Living on Earth has always been a struggle, but over the past decade the hardships that many are facing at present may seem to have become increasingly worse. More often than not now I come across many people who feel their pleas for help from the universe have gone unheeded, and many feel abandoned by God altogether. This is actually not the truth, but it is a fact of the ways of the universe, and of universal law, that we believe what we create and that, by thinking negatively, we are actually perpetuating the problem. It is also a fact that issues from the past needing to be resolved will continue to arise until they have been faced, forgiven and put to rest. It’s kind of like being slapped in the face on a regular basis until you start listening! Spirit is loving but it is also quite pushy at times!

If you are facing hardship, you must ask yourself what the lesson you are learning is, because there absolutely will be one! Doing so, although it may be confronting, will actually begin the process of turning your life around. Everything that happens in your lifetime is a lesson or as a result of choices you have made in a cause-and-effect sequence. It may also be as a result of karma that needs to be repaid or that has been inflicted upon you. Whatever it is, you must always bring it back to you; blaming other people will only serve to perpetuate the situation and the flow of events, preventing you from learning the lesson and moving forward in your spiritual growth.

Try asking yourself some questions and be absolutely truthful with yourself. Here are a few to start with.

Do I love and respect myself? If you don’t, you are giving others permission to disrespect you.

Do I have an attachment to money? If you do, you are blocking the flow of abundance.

Am I carrying hatred, bitterness and the need for revenge? If this is so, you will keep attracting people and events with the same vibration into your life and repelling those who can help you. Have I forgiven past transgressions against me? Refusing to forgive others will only fester feelings of anger and resentment that can cause physical illness, holding you back from moving forward into the future.

Why am I always sick? If you are continually ill, your body is out of balance. The cause of your illness may, indeed, not even be physical. There is always an emotional or traumatic basis to physical illness. Start looking for emotional trauma from the past and review the previous question about forgiveness!

How present am I? Are you grounded? Are you living in the present moment or is your body in your place and your head elsewhere? You cannot manifest consciously if you live your life on automatic pilot or halfway into the etheric body.

Am I in integrity and in my own truth? Are you being completely honest with yourself about what you want, what you need and even what you have done in the past that has not served you or others well? (Do you blame others instead of claiming responsibility for the part you have played and the choices you have made?) Are you able to reveal your true self to yourself, let alone to others? Do not expect honesty and integrity from others if you do not show it yourself.

Finally, am I grateful for what I have, instead of complaining about what I don’t have? Gratitude will bring abundance and Divine Flow, whereas complaint of lack will merely attract more of the same!

So, take up the challenge and be honest with yourself about your beliefs, behaviour and thought patterns. It could literally change your life!


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