Events Tips for Practitioners

Make this the last time you worry about no follow-up.
• Why events are important for marketers
• Best practices for going digital
• Combining virtual and in-person strategies
• Ways to make your events more inclusive
• Strategies to launch, manage, and measure the success of your events
• Tactics for scaling your event strategies

Actionable tips to improve and scale your events
When you run an online or offline event, there’s plenty of steps you take to get you to the end result.

If you’ve been running events, you are already thinking about them and if you don’t, you might be thinking, “What, tell me the steps.” However, for this article, I wanted to share with you what is the biggest gap practitioners have when it comes to running events… and that’s follow-up.

Marketing is not only done for lead generation, you need it to connect and communicate effectively and efficiently with your community when they interact with you, so in the initial stage, it’s on their terms. Allow them to binge on your content, deliver and give them solutions that give a transformative result that will then lead them towards your product or service – or at minimum, it builds the relationship and they work out if they like you enough to want to get to know you more…

Relationships with prospects and customers are important no matter what your business is, however in the healing space, a personal connection holds a deeper meaning for the end user. One of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs has a basic human need to feel love and belonging – what I refer to in my coaching and training calls, acknowledged or heard.

Marketing lead generation example: When a person fills in a form, you have a thank you page – the thank you page is a neglected space and sometimes a void where your new connection drops off. This is the page to give clear instructions as your new community member has a strong desire to become the most they can be and they’re interested in your services… so give it to them.

The beauty of setting up a thank you page follow-up is you ‘do it once’. Read that again!
When you can do something once, it gifts you time back, it gives you freedom and you know that each and every one of your community members will get the same level of experience with you. So you give your very best to all who come through your ‘funnel’.

You’ve finally done it! The event is over and everyone has gone home, you’ve cleaned up, packed away and now you need to follow everyone up… “I’ll do that later,” is the most common thought here.

What if you reached this point and you knew that each and every person that attended your event had already got an email from you asking for feedback and a review/testimonial?
What if…

How would that feel?
I know 100% by using business operating success systems you’ll be able to follow-up easily, you’ll add more value while doing less and you’ll never neglect your community who love you again.

You’ve taken care of the physiological needs at your event (online or offline), you’ve ensured their safety, you want to continue to ensure they feel loved and belong, and your goal is the support them to build their self-esteem and strength to become the most that one can be.

Do this and you’ll be loved, use smart client management in your business and you’ll love the time freedom and know you’re making it easier to do business with you online. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. How will you ensure you can connect and communicate effectively with your community without added stress and manual, copy paste follow-up… choose a set and forget method so you can focus on other event needs.

FUNNEL – A term used to describe a series of stages you take your prospect on. It’s a customer journey from the thought to completion of purchase, delivery and follow-up.

CUSTOMER JOURNEY – 3 stages of a customer journey:
1. Collection of leads
2. Convert to client
3. Create raving fans

Lyndi is passionate about empowering entrepreneurial business owners to be set up for success as a systems integration specialist. For more information on how Lyndi can help you discover how marketing automation can support your business on the web, she can be reached at:



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