Source Healing Technique ~ May 18th & May 25th

Source Healing Technique ~ May 18th & May 25th


Source Healing is different to other energy healing modalities in that, you strengthen and expand on your own unique connection to Source energy for healing yourself and others. Rather than being a modality that has been passed through hundreds/thousands of healers, it is an energy healing framework which allows you to tap into Source in the way your own energetic blueprint was intended to. Furthermore, rather than tapping into a pocket of source energy, which is usually the case with other modalities, you are able to tap into a limitless range of energetic frequency through this technique.

The Origin Of Source Healing
In 2015 Cindy received a channeled message from Archangel Raphael that a healing method had been downloaded to her subconscious and would become known to her in time.

After conducting healing sessions for hundreds of clients, Cindy’s healing sessions began evolving. Cindy was no longer using the healing modalities that she had learned, but rather, was purely connecting with and using Source Energy to heal her clients.

In 2020, Cindy answered her calling to teach the energy healing framework she was using to the next generation of healers and thus, the Source Healing Technique was birthed.

Whether you are on your own healing journey or interested in helping others, Source Healing is a course designed to connect you to your innate ability to access and use Source/Universal Energy for healing yourself and others. The energetic frequencies you can tap into through this framework are limitless. Highly effective for both ascension work and grounding.

This course is open to all with an interest in energy healing and self-development.

Throughout the Foundation Level you will:
*Awaken your innate healing ability
*Learn how to connect with the Divine Source of all energy
*Learn the Three Pillars of Source Healing
*Learn how to receive the energetic frequency for what it is you are intending to release or heal (for yourself and others)
*Practice Self-healing
*Receive a Source Energy Activation
*Experience Source Meditation to connect to Source through your Soul Star Chakra
*Give and receive healing
*Understand the power of intention and co-creation in influencing healing outcomes

Throughout the Advanced Level you will:
*Deepening Your Relationship with Source
*Healing with Benevolent Beings
*Grounding After Healing
*The Fundamentals of a Professional Healing Practice (client intake process, energetic hygiene, how to begin the session, client discussion after healing, professional registration as a practitioner, professional membership and insurance)
*You will also receive an Energy Activation
*Exchange healings with others on the course

Source Healing Common Benefits:
Confidence, Inner Strength, Anxiety-release, Connection to True Self, Grounding, Clarity, Soul Purpose Activated

Course date: Saturday May 18th and Saturday May 25th. 10am - 5pm both days.
The course is in Bentleigh, Victoria.

Investment for the course is $525. Secure your spot on the course with a $150 deposit.
Contact Cindy directly to book
email: ph: 0448512199

Source Healing Course Reviews
“Thank-you, thank-you for sharing this with the world! I’m still in awe of what we learned and how powerful it is, yet so simple. I woke up this morning with a headache and was waiting for it to go, thinking how can I get rid of this? Realised I have the tools now. Five minutes later my head is clear and I feel amazing. Beautiful space and amazing souls this weekend. Thank-you again” – Teresa

“Thank-you so much for this weekend! It was uplifting, enlightening and exactly what I needed as a person. I also feel this is exactly what I want to do as a career.” -Bonnie

About Cindy Melksham
Cindy is an Energy Therapist, Meditation Teacher and Reiki Master who is an experienced facilitator. She has been assisting people to transform their lives through individual sessions and group workshops and retreats for over ten years. Cindy is the Founder & Trainer of Source Healing, an accredited healing modality. She spent five years as a Coach and Course Instructor on the McGuire Programme, assisting people who stutter to build their confidence. Cindy has worked in the corporate and community sectors and has a wealth of experience working with a diverse range of people. Cindy is degree qualified in Psychology, Life Coaching and a range of healing modalities which give her the capacity to tailor sessions to client needs to achieve optimal outcomes. She is studying a Masters in Counselling in 2024.

Event Details

End Date
25 May 2024
Start Date
18 May 2024