Illumination and Healing

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Illumination and Healing

For the past eighteen years, I've dedicated myself to the practice of Kinesiology and established a welcoming Healing Centre in Kiama Downs. I warmly invite you to explore the transformative benefits of Kinesiology within the serene ambiance of my purpose-built Clinic, where you'll receive attentive and professional care.

My expertise encompasses Neuro-Training Kinesiology and Neuro-Linguistic Kinesiology, both of which are effective techniques that, when applied by an experienced practitioner, can guide you, my esteemed client, toward enhanced health, serenity, and overall well-being. Additionally, I am proficient in Beyond Neurology, a method aimed at identifying and addressing both apparent and concealed traumas affecting your life and wellness.

Kinesiology's unique approach involves muscle testing to circumvent the conscious mind, accessing the root causes of our challenges, including undesirable behaviour patterns and unresolved health concerns. Our subconscious mind, with its profound knowledge and insight, holds the key to these issues. By tapping into this wisdom, we can uncover the solutions needed to resolve our difficulties and achieve a state of improved health and happiness.

I am currently preparing for a Retreat we are leading in Greece - 23-30 May. We embrace the magic of the Ancients in Athens for 3 days and then move to the Pelion mountain where we go deep within in a sacred and grounded manner bathing our Beings in a high-frequency spiritual light. Our souls can then flourish and express their unique soul purpose.




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