Join nandhiji for 5 days of festivities and blessings of light

Diwali 5 Powerful Events to Change Your Life and Ascend to Light

Nandhiji invites you to join in the Grand Celebrations with 5 powerful life changing events for Diwali 2021 The Festival of Light.

Join with people around the world of all backgrounds to receive transformational blessings, activations and empowerments of light and Consciousness that will uplift you on your spiritual journey, improve every aspect of your life and help raise the frequency of humanity out of the challenges of the last year.

Sarah specialises in showcasing conscious leaders to become a recognised authority and leading expert in their field.With over ten years’ experience running the highly successful Spiritual Events & Directory, she has helped thousands of solopreneurs to grow their business and expand their reach through the Online Directory, Social Media, The Spirituality shows & Rebirth Magazine


Finding Your Inner Channel

Even though I have shared the story of how I came to be a psychic channel many times, it is worth sharing again purely for