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We all inherently possess qualities reflective of Divinity—of God. We hold the potential for love, charity, mercy, emotional connection, and our spiritual gifts. Each of us is ever-evolving and divinely perfect. Personally I do not care for the term “psychic”; it has a tendency to put those of us working professionally in that capacity on a pedestal—to somehow elevate us above everyone else. Nothing could be more inaccurate. We all have these capabilities and can access them readily if only we know how.

As for me, I first began discovering my own divine gifts as a child. I grew up in a fundamentalist Christian household, and when I would visually see ghosts my parents dismissed it as being “of the devil.” Truthfully, I never envisioned that I would end up working as a psychic or medium. I always yearned to understand those events from my childhood, though, and kept returning to them—compelled to do so.

After obtaining a B.A. in psychology and an M.S. in counseling I worked as a counselor for several years but still felt the constant urging to understand my childhood experiences. In my early twenties I had my first reading with a spirit medium. The experience led me over the next few years to explore my own mediumistic abilities. I decided in 2015 to begin working with a mediumship mentor—the same spirit medium, with whom I had had my first reading several years earlier. To my astonishment, I had always had these gifts, and they have continued to grow even more over time.

​I have survived illness, drug addiction, abuse, and more. Challenge and struggle are how we learn just how strong we truly are. God had a plan for me, just as God has a plan for each of us. We have a duty in this lifetime to recognize Divine in others and to treat them accordingly. Indeed, they are an extension of God. I'm grateful for my blessings, including the honor of using my spiritual gifts to help others in psychic readings, and I strive to treat each of my clients with the respect and dignity they deserve as a divine being in their own right.

Our spiritual gifts can take a number of different forms, with some individuals psychically hearing, some seeing or feeling, and some even psychically tasting! I am a clairvoyant and clairsentient angel medium—that is, I “see” and “feel” this information usually, but on occasion I will also clairaudiently “hear” it. Ordinarily, I will sense the presence of an angel or Archangel as a field of color around an individual, and often I will sense more than one angel at once. When the spirit of a client's loved one initially makes itself known to me, I initially will first see the individual's hair color or hairstyle first and will then see or feel other details. I receive this information directly from Spirit and therefore do not require the use of tools, such as tarot, to sense this information. Spirit usually shows me verifiable details about a client's deceased loved ones, who wish to provide evidence that they are not suffering and are happier than they ever have been in their true home—Heaven. At other times Spirit will show me people in a client's relationships, workplace, or family and will intuitively guide me in recommending the best course of action. Profound healing can take place when we come to know without a doubt that our loved ones and pets live on into the next life, that we can still change a negative situation, or can more truly and completely become what we are meant to be.

As a psychic medium I have provided psychic clairvoyant services to help many to discover their own spiritual truths; to provide insight, clarity and support into difficult life challenges; to reunite clients with their loved ones and beloved pets in the spirit realm; and to increase their awareness of their own psychic gifts. I'm available for supportive guidance and would be deeply honored to work with you.

I offer psychic phone readings throughout the United States, as well as a variety of other spiritual products and services. To view available services & current rates please visit our homepage, and select the "Book Now" button toward the bottom of the page.

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