Metaphysical Workshops

November 4, 2017

December 9, 2017

3:00 pm To 4:00 pm

6 X 1hr workshops = $160 3 X 1hr workshops = $90 1 X 1hr workshop = $35

Stewart St & Roberts St, Brunswick East VIC 3057, Australia

0448 279 330

Event Description

Etheriala Events will present 6 weekly workshops at CERES Community and Environment Park during the months of November and December 2017.

About the Facilitator:

Pippa Richardson is a graduate of the Masters of Metaphysical Sciences. She has facilitated workshops at CERES including the introduction to crystals, metaphysics and tarot. Pippa believes in hands off healing and has also studied chakra healing, chakradance, yoga, yoga teaching and tarot. She is a qualified Chakradance Facilitator, Author and public speaker.


In each of the one hour workshops we will explore concepts within the field of Metaphysics.

The outline of each of the six workshops is as follows:


1. Metaphysical Principles – back to basics (4/11/17)

This will serve as an introduction to the world of Metaphysical Science. We will define Metaphysics, learn the main practices involved and discuss the main questions Metaphysics tries to answer.


2. All things Mystical compared to Psychic Development (11/11/17)

This workshop aims to explain the fundamental differences and similarities between mystics and psychics. We hope to enlighten you all about what is a mystic as opposed to a psychic, and explain what are the benefits of pusing the path of each.


3. The Practical applications of Metaphysics – techniques for creative thinking, spiritual thinking and metaphysical sensitivity (18/11/17)

In this workshop practical techniques will be given to achieve desired results. These techniques will be included in the handouts for you to explore in your own time. The first technique is how to think creatively, the second is how to think spiritually and finally the third will teach you how to become sensitive to Metaphysical messages.


4. Improving your positivity and reducing negativity (25/11/17)

We know positive thinking is important, this workshop aims to show you how to do it, and also reduce those negative nagging thoughts.


5. How Metaphysics helps success – and the role of diet and exercise (2/12/17)

We live in the physical world, and diet and exercise are a part of maintaining our physical bodies. Metaphysics aims to improve the rest of your life, all other aspects, and acknowledges the importance of diet and exercise in a holistic approach to well being.


6. The Metaphysical Philosophy of New Consciousness – raising your vibration (9/12/17)

A new age is upon us, it's time to raise your vibration to step into the next dimensions. Learn the what, why and how in this workshop.


You are welcome to attend as many or few workshops as you like, you can select from one, three or all six workshops on the tickets menu.

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