Zenthai Shiatsu, 2 day Immersion – Brisbane

Zenthai Shiatsu, 2 day Immersion – Brisbane

Two Day Introductory Training in ZenThai Shiatsu

“Bringing freedom of movement to the structural and energetic body”

Learn an amazing bodywork - massage - movement therapy that is fluid, creative and connecting. Come as an individual or a couple.

Limited Early Bird Tickets $250
Normal Investment $295

2 days of training in Zenthai Shiatsu fundamentals.
Open to anyone.

This 2-day immersion is an introductory exploration in the modality of Zenthai Shiatsu - a somatic bodywork system. Zenthai Shiatsu is a healing system created by Gwyn Williams that includes yoga asana, Zen-style Shiatsu, Thai massage, and osteopathic technique, integrated and weaved together with mindfulness at the core.

You’ll be introduced to practical tools and gain valuable knowledge on structural and energetic therapy.

You will receive and practice technique but also cultivate an inner awareness, a deepened sense of touch and enrichment of conscious community.

This is an excellent introduction to Zenthai Shiatsu bodywork, and an opportunity to see if you’d like to pursue deeper learning in this modality.

It is designed to compliment the 4-day level 1. Either before attending or it is a great refresher after Level 1, to revisit and spend more time exploring gestures.
While a 4 day Level 1 primarily focuses on learning a long sequence of 80+ gestures, this Zenthai Shiatsu intensive focuses more on a smaller number of gestures, with a bit more time to workshop and explore, so you can really get familiar with them.
You will still learn a sequence of 30-40 gestures that creates a beautiful 1-hour treatment - as well as gaining confidence to explore beyond the gesture.

The Course Content Includes:
- learn 30-40 Zenthai Shiatsu techniques - a 1-hour treatment
- focusing your intention
- move and roll a body in various ways
- how to use your own body weight
- the importance of your body position
- understanding the power of pulsing
- finding your own rhythms
- the importance of the giver and receiver being relaxed
- keeping it simple to create depth
- sometimes less is more
- creating a perfect fit
- how to feel for limits
- learning not to use force
- finding ritual & stillness within

Gabriel Sol and other qualified Zenthai Shiatsu Therapists will also be assisting

Gabriel's life-long exploration of movement, healing and spirituality weaves many interconnecting traditions including Zen Thai Shiatsu, Tantric Yoga, modern Yoga systems, 5 Rhythm Dance Therapy, Brazilian Capoeira, Contact Improvisation Dance/movement, Korean TaeKwonDo & Energy Healing.

Gabriel is a qualified therapist of Zenthai Shiatsu as well as a teacher of the system. He completed the 9-month training twice and has also been a teacher on the 9-month therapist program.

He has been working as a ZenThai Shiatsu therapist for some years and includes a range of other modalities into his healing practice including Tantric breathwork, Holistic Pulsing, energy work (initiated into two reiki lineages), guided meditation and moxibustion.
He has been a long-term practitioner of 5 Rhythm dance and teaches contact improvisation dance/movement. Gabriel also spent 7 years practicing and teaching Capoeira - Afro-brazilian dance/martial art.

Gabriel also works as a yoga teacher in several styles. He has undergone intensive traditional training and initiation as a Kaula Tantra Yoga Teacher. He is also a qualified teacher in multiple modern yoga systems, completing a Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with the Himalayan Yoga Institute and teacher training in Zenthai Flow Yoga with Gwyn Williams.

Event Details

End Date
8 May 2022
Start Date
7 May 2022