Yin Yoga, Sound & Energy Healing through the Chakras, Cacao & Blue Lotus Tea Ceremony~7 Week Journey

Yin Yoga, Sound & Energy Healing through the Chakras, Cacao & Blue Lotus Tea Ceremony~7 Week Journey

This is your invitation to join us in a kundalini journey of introspection & evolution, an inner pilgrimage through the Chakras. Fully immerse yourself in the relaxing sacred, ancient medicine of Restorative Yin Yoga and Live 432 hrtz vibrational Sound and Energy Healing as I guide you on a 7 class journey over 7 weeks through each of the 7 Chakras- The Entire Energy System.

Next full 7 week cycle commencing 15th May. Early bird tickets are live 🔥 click the link below

Drop ins every Wednesday Welcome $25 please PM or comment on a post to check if space is available.

🔥Doors open 7.25pm & Ritual Begins 7.30pm🔥
🧡Suitable for beginners, all ages, gender, level, relaxing Yin yoga is profoundly anatomically healing for your Ligaments, bones, joints, facia and cells. Preventing degenerative diseases. It reduces and reverses fusion, fixation, and degeneration increasing mobility of our joints and hydration of our tissues.

🧡Reduce blood pressure, heart rate, and calm the nervous system into its parasympathetic state of Rest, relax, digest, heal and rejuvenate. Reduce Cortisol levels.

Tune into and activate your bodies innate wisdom and ability to heal its self. Vagus nerve stimulation for a deeply relaxing experience.

🧡Cleanse emotional & energetic blockages and detox toxins while strengthening your immune system, nervous system, endocrine system and entire constitution.

🧡Raise your vibration and increase your life force energy body, Prana, Qi and Aura while purifying and cleansing Nadi lines & bringing chakra energy centre frequencies into balance.

🧡Restore alignment and equilibrium within body, mind and soul, freeing meridians.
Anatomically, energetically, psychologically and emotionally.
🧡Elevate your consciousness on The Path of Involution, ascension and soul reunion, uniting with your Dharma.

🧡Transcend limiting beliefs, liberate yourself from karmic patterns and rewire thought processes and thinking patterns that hold you back. Creating space to download fresh codes.

🧡Encouraging Neurogenesis, stimulating the neuro plasticity of our brain, helping it to grow (& shrink) neurons,create neurol pathways and strengthen grey matter for optimal function.

🧡Activating your parasympathetic nervous system, supporting and allowing your body to relax, rest, digest, heal and regenerate.

Dropping you out of and away from the ‘yang’ stress response of fight, flight, freeze, fawn which our body utilises when it perceives stress and/or danger.
You will be gently guided through this kundalini journey of involution in which you will be serenaded with an array of beautiful healing instruments & sonic vibrational frequencies of Crystal sound bowls as I weave them through the Asana Sequence, for each specific chakra, combined with a variety of different Yogic techniques including Philosophy, Pranayama/breathwork, Mantras, Mudras, Meditations, Bandhas, anatomically and energetically sequenced Yin Yoga TCM Asana/postures, Ceremony & Ritual, EFT, somatic and Theta exercises and more.
We have a variety of special guest Musicians & Sound Healers to join me including @Jessie Firebrand, @DJMissKara Towner @Justin Livesay, @ Zedakai Butel & more… to showcase their incredible talents as integration in our extended Savasanas. 🎶🎶🎶

Chakras are the 7 energy centres through which energy moves, believed to sit along the spine at each intersection of our three main Nadis (Rivers of energy). Each Chakra vibrates at a different frequency.

Everything about us is ‘alive’ with a vibrational frequency and we can influence these frequencies to bring them into balance.

One Chakra per week, we will utilise the following corresponding to each Chakra.
Music note, anatomical Location, major nerve plexus, Gland, Positive Qualities, Affirmations, Malfunctions, Main focus, Seed-sound/Mantra, Sense, Element, Meaning, Colour, Food type, Stone/crystal and more.

Take time and stillness to relax, stretch and come home to your true self and calm the mind enough to hear the whispers of innate divine wisdom from the timeless, ancient, unchanging divine source energy that resides within each and every one of us.

We will experience a variety of incredible Sound Healing immersions with collaborations with super talented and passionate musicians & sound healers weaving magic to take the integration to the next level with a depth and array of powerful and beautiful instruments throughout your Savasana.
We will hold a..

🤎Sacred Cocoa Ceremony with Ceremonial grade Puruvian Cocoa for our Heart Chakra Session, a heart opening guided meditation to drop deeply into our heart space.
and …

💙a Divine sacred Blue Lotus flower tea Rituals for our Crown chakra session.

Energy exchange.

🧡Chakra full series 7X Class pass

❤️‍🔥Blocks, bolsters, props, and mats provided however if you have your own please feel free bring it.

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Hari Om, Friends

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End Date
4 September 2024
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4 September 2024