Wild Woman Awakening Retreat

Wild Woman Awakening Retreat

My Beautiful Soulful Women, Are you ready for a Wild Woman Immersion?

This is not just for the untamed woman, it’s also for the women who are ready to step in on their boundaries, and speak their truth.

The women who are done with playing “ nice “ and always putting others first.

This is going to be an unforgettable experience for your soul to unleash, for you to be seen and held by a team of Elemental Priestesses who have been dragged through dark nights of the soul and many cycles of death and rebirth.

Who better to hold and witness you that a group of women who have gotten raw and intimate with their own darkness? Have them work to meet you in your darkest places.

Honey, ALL of you will be welcomed in this space. I welcome you on this journey of
awakening your raw parts, the parts of you that have been shamed or deemed as “inappropriate". I welcome the parts of you that have been repressed that seem too “naughty“
Oh, honey, we want your mess. Actually, we will lure it out of you by the end of the night we would have experienced.
🖤 Mud Play
🖤 Kundalini Activations moving us closer toward full-body bliss …
🖤 A satisfying anger and darkness release with the moon, sun, forest, God, and sacred sisterhood as the witness and space holders
🖤Ice bath experience
🖤 Activated our Kundalini song inside an ice bath
🖤 Celebrated each other in a medicine ceremonial singing circle (before entering the ice bath)
🖤 Met our Beastress
🖤 Met our darkness
🖤 Played by the fire
🖤 Indulged in a wood fire spa
🖤 Had our wild captured through photography in the forest
🖤 Ate some nourishing vegan gluten-free meals

We would have explored our shadows and uncomfortable edges …
And we would have made raw filthy untethered love to it…

Who’s ready to join this woman’s wolf pack on the 8th of May within the lush forests of Tallai?

TIME: 10am – 8pm
COST: $444 Early Bird Until 31st
$555 General Admission

Questions? Email susanvuofficial@gmail.com OR text Susan at 0450 616 321

Susan Vu - Transformational Coach | Transpersonal Therapist | Kundalini Activation Priestess: www.susanvu.com.au

Sarah Schmiedler - Yoga Teacher | Ice Bath Facilitator | Energy Worker | Zen Thai Therapist: https://www.heartcompasshealing.com.au

Ari Eiranwen - Custodian of the Sophia Temple Space and Retreat land | Sophia Priestess | Mother of 2 | New Earth Waymaker

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