Shoden- Japanese Reiki Level I (Focus on Spiritual Growth and Self-Healing)

Shoden- Japanese Reiki Level I (Focus on Spiritual Growth and Self-Healing)


Experience the Transformative spiritual and healing power of authentic Japanese Reiki in Melbourne.

Ready to deepen your spiritual journey and cultivate a deeper sense of happiness, health and inner peace? These are the goals the Reiki system of practices.

My name is Fiona Phillips and I am a deeply dedicated and experienced Reiki Shihan (Teacher) and Reiki Practitioner from Within The Space. Together, we will dive deeply into the Eastern wisdom of Japanese Reiki with Shoden Level I Reiki.

Harness the easy-to-learn, heart-opening & transformative practice of Reiki to promote:
*Self-healing (on all levels, including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual)
*Inner calm & peace
*Spiritual growth and intuition
*Emotional balance
*Self improvement
*Stress, anxiety and depression management
*Overall enhanced well-being

With a focus on spiritual growth, self-healing and hands-on healing of family, friends and pets, this level teaches you all the essential foundational healing and spiritual practices.



Immerse yourself in the Eastern traditional Reiki practices of authentic Japanese Reiki.

Teachings are based on Komyo ReikiDo, created by my Teacher and renowned International Teacher and Buddhist Monk, Hyakuten Inamoto who has been dedicated to teaching all the known traditional spiritual and healing practices taught by Reiki Founder, Mikao Usui, retaining the integrity of the original system.

Reiki is easy to learn and integrate into your daily routine, yet is profoundly transformative. Experience a holistic approach to healing that nurtures your mind, body, and spirit, promoting happiness and well-being.

Embrace Reiki as a complementary practice to yoga, meditation, and other healing modalities, enhancing their effectiveness.

Cultivate intuition and deepen your connection to your inner wisdom through Reiki's transformative energy.


Groups sizes are intentionally small to create an intimate, connected and safe space for sharing and plenty of time for practice.

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End Date
4 August 2024
Start Date
3 August 2024