Secure in Love ~ Healing Insecure Attachment & Building Healthy Relationships

Secure in Love ~ Healing Insecure Attachment & Building Healthy Relationships

Join Somatic Therapist and Tantra Practitioner, Georgia Rose, for this incredibly insightful, inspiring, healing and transformational 9-week relationship course!

*** This is not just a relationship course, it's a deep exploration of healing, expansion, getting to know who you are and feeling confident to share yourself authentically with others.

You will be supported and guided through understanding, navigating and healing insecure attachment patterns (stemming from fear of rejection and fear of intimacy) to and move towards feeling cherished, safe, seen, met and Secure in Love.
This course distills 9 core themes and topics over each week with eye-opening teachings and experiential practices designed to support your healing, growth, awareness and skill set for navigating & building healthy relationships - within and without.

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This course has been created for those who experience anxious and/or avoidant attachment patterns and would like to create more safety, stability, consistency, emotional availability, reciprocity, trust, honesty, depth, love and security in their relationships (with friends, family or romantic partner/s); as well as more authenticity, confidence, trust, openness, receptivity and ease in their own being.

Check out the weekly topics below to see if you resonate with what we’re exploring!

Find out what your attachment styles are (we rarely have just one!) by taking the free quiz below:

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Anxious Attachment is a pattern of bonding or connecting with others where the person can feel very insecure, anxious, jealous, ‘clingy’, ‘needy’, distrustful or hyper-vigilant.

It is common with this attachment style to experience a desperate longing for closeness yet a strong anticipation of rejection or disappointment. It is also common to feel emotionally unmet by partners, needing a lot of reassurance and feeling a sense of abandonment at the simplest of things.

Those with a tendency for Anxious/Ambivalent Attachment can find relationships de-stabilising, turbulent, chaotic, drama-filled, unfulfilling, stressful and disappointing, and can struggle to find someone who can offer them consistency and emotional availability.

The security, commitment, stability, trust and consistency of a Securely Attached relationship can feel like an elusive experience that they’re constantly chasing. But I can assure you that it is possible to heal & transform your attachment style to Secure!!


Avoidant Attachment shows up as a fear of intimacy, which compels the person to keep others at 'arms length', prioritise their independence and freedom, withdraw when others get to close, keep their heart guarded, avoid commitment and engage in behaviours that disrupt connection (like fantasising about exes, fixating on a partner's flaws, overly focusing on work/hobbies, not leaving much space in life for relationship time).

Someone with this attachment style tends to be drawn toward partners with anxious attachment (see above). They become irritated or overwhelmed by the anxious partner's 'neediness'. They are hyper-vigilant around perceived control, attempts to 'hook' them in to commitment or any loss of their freedom & autonomy. This causes them to push away from relationships as a form of self-preservation.

If this is you, it's absolutely possible to shift to Secure Attachment. This course will explore what is needed for this attachment style to feel safer to open to love, let down your walls and trust another person, without feeling like you're going to lose yourself!



We are wired for secure, healthy attachment – sometimes we just need some guidance and support to get there, which is exactly what this 9-week course will focus on. Below are some of the important elements that will be most beneficial for you:

Each week we will cover a different core theme of healing & cultivating secure attachment. The sessions include a Teaching Component and an Experiential Component – so that you’re creating awareness AND embodying what you’ve learned.
The Teaching Component (discourse) will help you to gain a deep understanding of why you think, behave & feel the way you do with these patterns – as well as what else is possible in relationships!

The Experiential Component will include guidance through attachment healing and embodiment practices – either solo, in pairs or within small groups. This in itself creates a massive advantage over books/online courses or just teachings alone, because you’re not just learning concepts; you’re embodying, feeling, healing, integrating, and experiencing the teachings for much deeper growth! It is during these practices that your nervous system will receive a lot of re-wiring toward feeling the experience of Secure Attachment so that your attachment style begins to change from insecure to secure!

A trained and compassionate Emotional Support Team will also be there for you during the evenings, especially during the guided practices, which can be very emotionally evocative. As the saying goes “You’ve got to feel it to heal it.” This is the perfect place for it.

There will be heaps of support, encouragement & accountability available to you. You’re not alone in this! We’ve got your back and your heart!

You’ll gather with a group of like-minded people who really understand how challenging insecure attachment can be and are ready to grow and learn together! This makes for an incredibly validating, relatable and supportive environment to be in as you move through this complex, challenging AND highly rewarding journey. The connections that form during these courses are SO beautiful and such an important part of the experience.

You’ll also have access to a private online group (included) and (optional) private sessions with Georgia Rose to make sure you’ve got plenty of support!

It’s going to be incredible!



WEEK ONE: Understanding Attachment & Welcome to the Course!
*Introduction to the next 9 weeks together
*Teachings: You'll receive an overview of Anxious, Avoidant & Secure Attachment styles, meet the group and get clear on your intentions for the course.
*Experiential component: Welcome to the group, Beginning a New Chapter of Self-Discovery & Healing

WEEK TWO: Connection to Self and Re-Parenting the Inner Child
*Teaching component: Our attachment styles and relationship patterns primarily form during our younger years and continue to repeat into adulthood. This week you'll learn how to cultivate secure attachment and safety from within, how to soothe relational fears and open to love. Understanding the inner child, self-healing, emotional regulation and how to show up for yourself with courage and consistency.
*Experiential component: Self-regulation, re-parenting and somatic emotional processing

WEEK THREE: Healing the Father Wound
*Teaching component: Our parents form our primary imprints of relationships and our own identity. This week we'll explore the 'father wound' and its impact on attachment/relationships/self-worth. We'll also explore healthy "masculine" energy to support self-love and relationships.
* Experiential component: Guided healing process around the Father Wound and embodiment practices to reclaim the qualities of healthy inner masculine energy - presence, guidance, support, protection, stability, safety, awareness, consistency

WEEK FOUR: Healing the Mother Wound
* Teaching component: Our parents form our primary imprints of relationship and our own identity - especially our Mother. This week you'll learn about the 'mother wound' and its impact on attachment/relationships/self-worth. We'll also explore healthy feminine energy to support self-love and relationships.
* Experiential component: Guided healing process. Embodiment practices to reclaim the qualities of healthy inner feminine energy - nurture, acceptance, love, compassion, vulnerability, softness, boundaries

WEEK FIVE: Shadow Work in Relationships
*Teaching component: Our Shadows are the unconscious aspects of self that often wreak havoc in relationships and sabotage the intimacy we desire! We'll explore the foundations of shadow work and understand how your relationships are mirrors of your own unconscious (shadows). When triggered, people will often revert to being 'adult-children', project their shit onto one another and stay stuck in exhausting, dysfunctional cycles. Tonight will support you to own your shit and grow up (release childhood patterns) so that you feel empowered, authentic and mature in your relationships.
* Experiential component: Shadow Work Practices to take back projections and integrate your shadows into wholeness, maturity and genuine personal power.

WEEK SIX: Embracing Healthy Boundaries for Authentic Relationships
* Teaching component: We will cover the importance of boundaries in secure relating and how lack of boundaries actually inhibits true intimacy. You'll learn how to identify, build and maintain boundaries – emotional, physical, energetic & sexual boundaries.
* Experiential component: finding your healthy boundaries, embodying them and expressing them with confidence.

WEEK SEVEN: Getting Your Needs Met and Owning Your Worth
*Teaching component: We'll cover the importance of knowing and owning your needs and worth in a relationship. Explore what blocks you from embracing both of these essential components of secure attachment. Breaking the patterns of undervaluing yourself and over-giving in relationships, or pulling right back and isolating yourself from the world.
* Experiential component: practices to get clear on your needs in a relationship (sexually, emotionally, mentally, physically) and shift barriers to your needs being met.

WEEK EIGHT: Communication
*Teaching component: Important foundations of healthy communication, how to express yourself authentically and ask for what you need, and set boundaries with clarity.
What doesn't work and what to do instead? Tips for communicating with an avoidant or an anxious partner. How to listen (this is often as big a challenge as communication for people).
* Experiential component: communicating from a space of empowerment, vulnerability and authenticity

WEEK NINE: Receptivity and Openness to Love
*Teaching component: Understand what blocks you from a receptive, open heart. Navigating a closed/guarded heart. Move beyond the patterns of emotional unavailability into opening your heart to loving others and letting yourself be loved.
* Experiential component: Learn to receive and be open to reciprocity, love, support, consistency and emotional availability in relationships. Stepping towards the kind of relationship you deeply desire - whether it's here already and needs a little TLC & transformation, or you're ready to call it in!


--> 9 X weekly in-person classes (3 hours each = 27 hours of life-changing content/practices). A combo of teachings and guided attachment healing /embodiment practices (this may be guided as solo exercises, in pairs or within the group). This is where this course has a massive advantage over books/online courses because you’re not just learning theoretically, you’re also embodying, feeling, healing, integrating and experiencing the teachings for much deeper growth! Your nervous system will receive a lot of re-wiring toward feeling the experience of Secure Attachment.
--> Nourishing snacks during each of the in-person evenings
--> Emotional Support from the trained, compassionate and incredible Team during the in-person sessions
--> Private online group for support between classes and to connect, share & ask questions during the course (which Georgia or one of the support team members will answer). The group will also stay open to support your integration after the course!
--> Written summary of the weekly teachings & healing practices to keep with you & refer back to whenever you need it
--> Connection to a friendly and understanding group of people who get what you’re moving through and are with you on the journey!
--> A TRIAL OPTION and Flexible Refund Policy! I am confident that you’ll love this course! However for those that are unsure, you're welcome to get a deposit ticket ($180), attend the first 2 weeks to try it out and if it’s not for you, you only pay for the first 2 weeks (covered by the deposit ticket). If you pay in full, the remainder will be refunded (your ticket amount, less $180). Must be claimed before the start of week 3 (19th April). Please ask Georgia about other terms and the validity of this offer. Tickets are otherwise non-refundable.
--> Discounted private sessions with Georgia for the duration of the course! ($180 to $120)
--> A truly transformational and life-changing experience!!


When: Wednesday evenings from the 5th April – 31st May from 6:30 - 9:30 pm

Where: Subud Centre, 222 Shepperton Road, Victoria Park

What to bring:
- water bottle
- cushion & blanket (for your comfort)
- note pad & pen if you like to take notes, or just relax on the night and you’ll receive a written summary to jog your memory

$180 - Deposit to save your place, remainder due by 19th April
$650 - Concession
$720 - Early Bird. Until midnight 23rd March
$850 - Full Price
$1340 - Couples Ticket (Only $670 each)


** Check out flexible trial option above to give you the flexibility to make sure this course is right for you!!

Bookings are essential to save your place as Georgia’s courses consistently sell out!

* T&C’s via trybooking website when you book


Questions and Contact:
Please get in touch with course facilitator, Georgia Rose via
Facebook Messenger
Mobile: 0401732738


About Your Facilitator
Georgia Rose

Georgia Rose has an inspiring passion for human connection and supporting people to build, grow and maintain healthy relationships – including the relationship with Self.

Her exploration began with Tantra, as a very deep dive into her own personal growth; and 5 years of teaching & practitioner experience with the Embodied Awakening Academy. She then ventured into studying Trauma and Somatic Therapy over 2 years with Principal Trauma Specialist, Casey Terry.

Her study included units on Attachment Healing and Theory, which she has added to her repertoire as a Therapist, to support many individuals and couples with their relationships. Georgia has done other training with trauma and attachment expert Diane Poole Heller and is consistently learning and up-skilling to keep up with this emerging and rapidly growing science.

Georgia has been working with private clients and running many different group workshops, courses and events since 2017. She lives in Perth with her incredible partner and their beautiful dog.


BASIC T&Cs (full T&Cs on trybooking website when you book)

I invite your full participation in activities during the evening, however, there is flexibility and the option of participation. You are not forced to do anything you do not wish to do, I encourage personal freedom and self-love first and foremost. We will be covering boundaries at the beginning of the evening, which will bring more awareness into your body and permission to express yourself fully.

We may engage in practices that require some gentle movement – if you have any serious injuries now or in the last 5 years, or health issues that may interfere with your participation, please discuss this with me (Georgia).
You are responsible for your own health and well-being during this evening. Georgia Rose or any of her support team will not be held liable for any injury or other medical, physical, mental or emotional issues that may arise, are sustained or aggravated during or after this event.

No refunds shall be given to “no-shows”. If you are not able to attend, you may arrange for another person to take your ticket – however, this is your responsibility to organise.

If you have attended week 1 & 2 and have decided this course is not for you, you must inform Georgia BEFORE the beginning of week 3 (19th April) to be eligible for a refund of your ticket - less the $180 deposit for the first 2 weeks. Your ticket is otherwise non-refundable - unless there are circumstances of emergency. Please contact Georgia with any questions about this.

If Georgia needs to cancel, change or postpone this event due to COVID, ideally, there would be postponed dates as an alternative, to which you'd be offered a transfer of your ticket, or a refund if you cannot make the alternate date/s

Event Details

End Date
31 May 2023
Start Date
5 April 2023