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Janis is an Internationally known Clairvoyant/Medium who has worked in the US, UK, New Zealand and extensively through out Australia as a Workshop Facilitator, On stage Medium, Past Life Regression Facilitator and Soul Level reader and Healer.

The ability to bring messages through from the “Other Side ”creates a sense of comfort and peace to those who require this help. Janis is able to connect with departed Loved Ones to be the voice that they need.

Past Life Regressions are a powerful way of discovering what may be affecting us in this life, that we have brought through from previous lifetimes.

The healing is brought about by realizing that we never really lose anyone and that we will reconnect with those who have passed over when the time is right. A very gentle way that helps us come to terms with loss.

In-depth Soul Level readings are available where Janis will tap into past, present and future bringing through the guidance that one seeks and the empowerment and courage to embrace the journey with new energy.


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