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I have always had a sense of 'knowing' to know things about people, places, things and events for as long as I can remember. I have always randomly seen and sensed spiritual energies around me and my environment at any given time.  I remember this from as young as 4 yrs of age.

When I started high school, I soon came to realize that others were not sensing, seeing or ‘knowing’ the things that I did and that’s when I soon realized that I had to keep quiet about stuff. I also began to doubt these things too because I was not sure if it was real or not.

As time goes on in my story and I am entering further into my teen years and I noticed that when I was in a crowd I found it hard to feel settled or comfortable because I seemed to feel everyone’s energies and that of the environment itself. I always felt that I didn’t ‘fit in’ and that I wouldn’t be accepted if I revealed that part of myself. I questioned whether I even belonged in this world! Haha! I used to tell my sister that I was dropped in by the aliens! Haha!

A few years later in my mid-teens, my first boyfriend committed suicide. The night that the incident happened, I woke up screaming and was quite upset for no reason in the night at the exact same time as his crossing over. It was as if I woke from a nightmare but I did not recall the dream. I received the news the next morning of what happened to him. I attended his funeral and from that time onwards we have remained in spiritual connection with each other.

Going into my adult years, I worked at various jobs/career roles, got married, had two amazing children, divorced and now have beautiful grandchildren which is all an amazing culmination of my life experience, and my story thus far.  It didn’t matter what type of job or position I held, I seemed to ‘know’ stuff about clients.  I also quickly come to learn that my children were also very intuitive and showed me many spiritual things which enhanced my awareness of spirit even more over the years.


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