Psychic Protection & Shielding

Psychic Protection & Shielding

Psychic Protection & Shielding

Protecting your own energy exchanges is a great way to build self awareness, and progress your spiritual growth.

Shielding is a useful technique to protect you when working in a caring role, healthcare or healing industries where your energies can be compromised by a continued source of energy drain –


When feeling energetically targeted with challenging work places, social and/or family dynamics.

This workshop will teach you several ways to protect you energetically as well as providing valuable support for your mental and emotional wellbeing in challenging situations.

Cost is $30 payable by September 9th to secure your place.

Your facilitator Emma has been living in awareness since her Spiritual Awakening in 1988. This began the journey of working with energy and with people in a healing capacity which has deepened and evolved over time. This naturally led to teaching Spiritual Development for over 30 years.

Emma is a respected metaphysical teacher and facilitator known for her compassionate support, inclusiveness, integrity, strong ethical practices in a learning environment.

She offers a wide collection of esoteric workshops, a meditation group, a spiritual development group, crystal and sound healing as well as an intuitive energy release and healing method channelled through from Spirit.

Grandala Boutique, 85 Gilbert Street,Latrobe,TAS,Australia, George Town, Australia

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End Date
15 October 2022
Start Date
15 October 2022