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Julia chai

Minds Ease Hypnotherapy

I am an experienced hypnotherapist, working in Brisbane since 2008.  Hypnosis is a great tool to free our minds from learned patterns of anxiety, depression, addictions, self sabotage and trauma.  It is also the method used to safely embed new directions, as well as to uncover and heal past memories that may be holding us back in fear, or stopping us from living our full potential.

In addition we offer DNA Cellular Healing ( These processes recalibrate the information blueprint at cellular and DNA level so your cells, organs, glands and immune response can run off a new healthier and harmonious blueprint) and Family Constellation workshops.  For more info see www.mindsease.com.au

Pricing & Duration:
Sessions take around 2 hours  and cost is A$ 200, less than a car service and with far greater impact.  You can call beforehand on 0412 362338 to explore if this is the right method for you, phone consultation is free.


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Julia Chai


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52, Jeffcott Street, Wavell Heights, Brisbane City, Queensland, 4012, Australia
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