Meditations to Hack Your Behaviour & Let go of Reactive Energies with Celia and Sam

Meditations to Hack Your Behaviour & Let go of Reactive Energies with Celia and Sam

On March 1st, immerse yourself in the transformative retreat, “Meditations to Hack Your Behaviour & Let Go of Reactive Energies,” guided by meditation and Lifestyle Medicine experts Celia Roberts and Samantha Lindsay-German. They will share evidence-supported insights, demonstrating how meditative practices effectively disrupt ingrained behaviour patterns.

Gain insight and awareness to break free from the identification with reactive energy, allowing these energies to release their grip on you. Recent research highlights meditation’s profound impact on neuroplasticity and bioplasticity, showcasing the brain and body’s ability to reorganise itself, fostering positive changes in behaviour and emotional regulation.

In the pursuit of “Making Health Habitual,” explore the evolutionary benefits of habit formation. Recognise the underestimated influence of habit loops on behaviour, integral to our identity. The retreat delves into understanding how habits guide behaviour, exploring triggers, and addressing attitudes, habits, and behaviour change. Learn to be aware of emotional reactions, navigate driving energies, and respond consciously, marking a transformative journey toward personal growth and letting go of mindless reactions.

Seamlessly blending ancient wisdom with contemporary scientific understanding, the retreat offers practical tools to enhance self-awareness and facilitate lasting behavioural shifts. Join us on this evidence-based journey, unlocking transformative change, harnessing neuroplasticity, benefiting from expert guidance, integrating ancient wisdom, embracing health habits, cultivating mindfulness, reshaping behaviour, and elevating your life through intentional living beyond reactive responses.

Unlock transformative change through evidence-based meditation techniques.
Harness the power of neuroplasticity for positive shifts in behaviour and emotions.
Benefit from the guidance of seasoned experts Celia Roberts and Samantha Lindsay German.
Integrate ancient meditation wisdom with cutting-edge scientific understanding.
Embrace the evolutionary advantages of forming health habits.
Cultivate mindfulness to navigate emotional reactions and respond consciously.
Reshape behaviour patterns for lasting change.
Elevate your life with intentional living beyond reactive responses.

Available as face to face only.

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Event Details

End Date
1 March 2024
Start Date
1 March 2024