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Light Language Level 1 Online Workshop

Light Language Level 1 Online Workshop

Join us for this fun and heart-opening workshop where you will learn how to channel light language and how to use it as a healing tool. Hear yourself bring through these frequencies for the first time and feel the immense joy your soul is experiencing as it is happening ๐Ÿ™‚!

After over 3 years of teaching this course and many requests to bring it online, I am very excited to share here the dates of the next Light Language Level 1 Online Workshop. I canโ€™t wait to connect with like-minded souls around the world for this incredible experience.

Light language is an incredibly powerful healing tool speaking from one soul directly to another soul bypassing the conscious mind. It can access and clear old programming both from past lives and this lifetime, it works on a cellular and DNA level and therefore can be deeply received. This amazing language activates and creates new imprints allowing you to get closer to your higher self and your soul purpose. This tool can be used for your own personal healing or can be integrated into a healing modality.

This workshop can unravel deeply buried emotions, allowing for healing to happen.

- A technique to bring yourself to the 8th dimension
- How to work safely by inviting only beings that have mastered unconditional love to work with you
- A protection prayer to use before starting any energetic work
- How to set a sacred space using the sacred directions as per the shamanic (Lakota) tradition
- Core star breathing to connect you to the earth and open your galactic gateway.
- How to bring through light language and how to heal with it.

- 3 Documents containing the course information
- DNA activation to help you bring through light language
- Light Language healing
- Guidance and support from an experienced teacher and energy healer

This course goes for 2.5 hours, costs AU$ 120 (US$90), and is open to anyone interested in energy work.

You will find short Light Language activation videos on my website as well as more information about my background and experience.

Feel free to check my Facebook page for reviews or to contact me with any questions.

Event Details

End Date
7 May 2022
Start Date
7 May 2022