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Leanne James – Lotus Energies

Leanne James is a powerhouse of excitement, influence and passion. Her mission is empowering people to turn their challenges, trauma or pain into their passion, purpose and power.

Leanne has drawn from her decades of life experiences, combined with a love for learning and a passion to assist people, and is keenly motivated by her mantra ‘no woman or child should hate themselves’.

Desiring the best for her clients, Leanne embodies her years of research and education to be qualified as a:

  • Traditional and Alternative Counsellor
  • Mindset and Life Coach
  • Reiki and Energy Healing Practitioner
  • NLP Mindset and Hypnotherapy Practitioner
  • Time-Line Therapist
  • Personality Profiler in Process Communication Model ™
  • And more.

But life wasn’t always this way. About 10 years ago life after divorce didn’t improve her life but led Leanne down a precarious path. Her emotional and mental wellbeing and her sense of self were greatly diminished, even de-constructed as she was entwined with a series of toxic and pathological relationships.

She lived in a world of anxiety, self-loathing and confusion…. eating her up from the inside out… making her sick, whilst friends and family watched on, pushed aside and unable to intervene. She was on the edge of losing everyone she loved and yet remained engulfed in a haze of cognitive dissonance and a daze of mental war.

After years of this she was left traumatised and scarred, yet she dug deep, drew on her inner strength and buried wisdom to find a way out. Similarly to the lotus flower blooming from the murky waters, Leanne waded through her own murky waters to educate, empower and enliven herself to emerge gracefully from life’s challenges and the damage of toxic relationships.

Sensing that life had more to offer she immersed herself in education and practices to heal herself, understand the psychology of human behaviour and the mind and inspired to share her wisdom. Leanne now directs her energies to guiding and coaching clients on their healing journey, enabling them to experience vitality and clarity in the next chapter of their lives. She blends elements of psychology, conscious-unconscious coaching, hypnotherapy and energy healing techniques to provide the best solutions and relief for clients.

Ultimately this has led Leanne to be the founder of her business Lotus Energies™ and branding her Spirit-Ed ™ events and workshops. Leanne delivers her knowledge through face-to-face sessions, group workshops, Spiritual Expos including Mind Body Spirit Festival, retreats and online videos.

Her niche clients are women who come to her for overcoming the effects of abuse (physical, sexual and emotional), poor self-esteem, anxiety, depression, relationships and conflict resolution, child development and effective parenting.

One of the defining aspects of Leanne’s work is the way she takes clients through processes to heal their emotional wounds, whilst supporting them in a safe environment allowing clients to open up to live life more fully.

With her intuitive and realistic touch to life and the divine and her sense of fun and enthusiasm, it is no wonder she is called Lotus Energies.


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