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Heaven Sent

Heaven Sent, International Psychic Medium Hayley David, over 25 years in the industry. Will be showcasing number of topics relevant to psychic phenomena, metaphysics and the history of spiritual advisory. Detailing knowledge and information that is often asked by clients and students, and the many individuals wanting to learn how to shape and sharpen their own natural skills and gifts. Sharing wisdom to elevate, inspire and shift the mindset for those on the journey to discovering their personal and spiritual growth.

It will suit those with curiosity and those who already have tapped into their existing psychic abilities, those that genuinely want to further their themselves regardless of the level, as spiritual growth regenerates. Together we will be exploring a number of different findings in the large list of psychic abilities to better attune, sustain and affirm. Meditations, mindfulness, discussions and topics that will help connect in areas where spiritual growth can be progressive, practiced and strengthened.

A reflection offered and explored, where blockages can be unlocked and refined. Guidance accessible through mentoring, teachings and exercises, encouraging you to move beyond your current state of awareness. As a trained Sharman, there will be a strong influence on the practices from the Native American ways, elaborating on the principles that everything is connected, from Nature, Nurture, Animal and Man-kind, dating back to ancient times.

Investigating insight into people’s lives, offering predictions of future circumstances when it calls for it and bringing through loved ones will be included should the situation allow for it from time to time.  However, educating to activate and enhance the various disciplines and techniques, through instruction and method practice will be the foundations, so that you can research, experience, further, cherish and foster beyond this broadcast will be core of the production.


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