Heart Resonance Level One Workshop

Heart Resonance Level One Workshop

Powerful energetic system for healing and spiritual awakening.

The world is ascending into a new love-based vibrational field, leaving behind the negative impact of our fear-conditioned reality.
This is often referred to as Ascension.

Experience Pure, Positive Change in Your Life Now With Heart Resonance

Heart Resonance (HR) is a system that supports you to fully align to your new awakening.

It helps you to immerse more into our new world of conscious love-based creation.

Would you like...
• Better Healti: & More Happiness
• Greater Clarity & Understanding of Your Life's Purpose
• Higher Levels of Spiritual Consciousness
• To Experience More of the Energy of Our New Awakening
• Did you know HR has the capacity to change how you think about yourself and the world around you?

HR helps you to become a more caring and loving person, instilling a greater level of Seit-Love-a person who is least worried about the negativity that is interwoven through our day-to-day life experiences, in essence, it allows you to Function in a more spiritually conscious way. This brings a massive benefit to the quality of your lie

Heart Resonance is one of the most beneficial methods of healing and spiritual transformation we see in our modern times.

For more info about HR - what it is, how much it costs etc.. visit the official website www.heartresonance.com

info@trevorgollagher.com - www.trevorgollagher.com

Space is limited, so Book early to secure your place in the classes.

Event Details

End Date
1 June 2023
Start Date
1 June 2023