Energy Awakening 4 Day Retreat

Energy Awakening 4 Day Retreat

Next-level purpose realignment, confidence and juicy radiance for women.

Spark your awakening and step onto the path of commitment to self-love and authenticity.

Ready to live a life of fullness, integrity and joyful happiness?

Join us to learn how!

Do you feel bored, uncertain and disconnected from your true authentic self and purpose?

Do you wish you felt more confident, fully expressed and radiant?

Do you struggle to put yourself first, always prioritising others' needs?

Do you feel like a support act in your world?

Do you crave to be acknowledged and supported on your healing journey?

Do you struggle to remain committed to your healing journey and put it into daily practice?

We hear you.

And truthfully acknowledging these struggles is a huge step in empowering yourself to claim what you desire.

Here's the thing though. Our beliefs and conditioning run deep. Rewiring a deeply embedded sense of low self-worth requires support, action, commitment and a desire for change.

If you have the desire - We can help you with the rest. The question is.. Do you REALLY want change? It can be scary. It can feel overwhelming, and out of reach.

It’s totally normal to fear transformation and continue to sabotage yourself when you are so used to putting yourself last. It’s common to struggle to put you first when you are so used to staying safe by not rocking the boat or asking for MORE!

But here's the thing. You get to choose yourself and you get to take back your power.

The truth is - Life is just too freaking short to play small or be a support act to others fulfilling their dreams. What is it that YOU dream of!?

You deserve to claim your wildest desires and cultivate the exact existence you crave. You don’t owe anyone anything, and it’s never too late to change the course of your life.

And everything you need to fulfill your most authentic, aligned and fulfilled life is already within you.

This event is not about teaching you how to be authentic, aligned and integral in your life.

It’s about unlearning all the stuff that's in the way. So you can gently step onto a new path with embodied confidence, integrity and commitment to self-love and your truest purpose.

If you desire:
- A balanced life of business, social and spiritual fulfillment.
- That getaway you’ve been dreaming of where you get to truly come home to yourself - Your desires, body, mind, soul and purpose.
- The freedom and audacity to put yourself first
- The confidence to wear that little black dress that's hiding in your closet.
-The self-worth to go shopping and dine out and send yourself flowers if you desire!
-Clarity around your purpose and the importance of your voice.

Support and tools to commit to a daily practice of self-love and ……?

Then this retreat is perfect for you. On the lush grounds of …… in Noosa, fully immerse in the sacred modalities to support you in your cultivation of integrity, commitment and respect for yourself.

‘Come and experience deep transformation through connection, sacred practice, and support. Leave feeling inspired and deeply committed to your own path of authenticity and passion’


Event Details

End Date
27 March 2023
Start Date
24 March 2023