Egypt Spiritual Meditation Retreat

Egypt Spiritual Meditation Retreat

Meditate in the Great Pyramid and Sail the Nile River. Unlock the mysteries of You and explore the land of the Ancients.

Egyptian Spiritual Tour
A spiritual tour and meditation retreat to Egypt is like no other. Travel through the mysteries of ancient Egypt, along the Nile, from Giza to Luxor, in the great pyramids and from antiquity to modern times.

Meditate in the Egypt pyramids and experience energy portals to other times and dimensions. Hidden in Egypt’s rich history are dormant memories awaiting retrieval and where codes activate personal and global alignments. The Ancients sing to your Soul, calling you to return to wholeness.

Egypt spiritual tour is designed for you to remember aspects of yourself and accelerate personal growth. Specific locations around the world help you remember memory imprinted in the Soul. Once you consciously bring the past life into conscious awareness, you can release the shadow imprints and past karmic lessons. Sometimes all we need to do is walk the land, and the actual steps become a déjà vu to remember the past and release.

Egypt Sacred Mysteries
The Egyptian temples and pyramids hold an ancient book of records and contribute to the original Earth paradigm. Traveling along the Nile, you will pick up threads of past life memory and take the memory from one place to another, weaving a beautiful tapestry of energy you feel personal and with the group energy. Much of Egypt lies untouched, still buried under the sands of the Arabian Desert.

You are invited to Egypt with KumariDevi on a spiritual journey to transform yourself. Explore Egypt to enlighten your spirit and awaken your heart.

Egypt Tour Details

Egyptian Anubis Tour
Follow the jackal, the Egyptian Anubis (hieroglyphs-i-n:p-w-E16), the god of the underworld who elevates the shadow from darkness into light. Journey through the mysterious underworld and immerse yourself in Egyptian culture.

Inner Work
Upon arriving, you’ll feel past life memories percolating underfoot and begin remembering as the group energy is solidified. You are enveloped in a circle of light and love frequencies for the remainder of the Egypt spiritual tour. Included in the Egypt meditation retreat are:

  • Guided meditations and self-inquiry inner work
  • Breathwork
  • Morning yoga
  • Inner child healing
  • Past life recall
  • Energy healing and chakra balancing


Retreat Highlights
After checking into the hotel, we’ll enjoy traditional tea at the Cairo market and meet for a group orientation. We visit the oldest pyramids in Sakkara and Dashur and spend quality private time in the Dashur pyramid at Giza. Then we head south to Thebes (Luxor) and spend most of the time in Luxor. Meditations and mindful exercises are woven into each day, depending on schedules. The complete itinerary is available after receiving payment.

  • Daily breakfasts, some lunches and dinners
  • New Egyptian Museum (if opened)
  • Meditate in the Great Pyramid (private time)
  • Meditate in Dashur Pyramid, one of the oldest structures (private time)
  • Visit the magnificent temple complex of Karnack
  • Meditate with Sekhmet-Warrior Goddess (Private time)
  • Sail and meditate on the Nile in a traditional Felucca
  • Airfare from Cairo to Luxor (roundtrip)
  • Evening at Luxor Temple (favorite place)
  • Valley of the Kings and Queens
  • Hatshepsut Temple (Anubis has an altar here)
  • Abydos ancient city of Osiris
  • Dendera Temple Complex (Hathor)
  • Ride camels across the desert
  • Daily mindful meditation and experiential self-inquiry
  • Integration days to enjoy in silence
  • Plus, group support and other surprises along the way.


Your Egyptian Retreat Includes
The cost per person is $3690.00 until May 30, and the price increases to $3900.00.

  • Includes five-star hotels (Cairo and Luxor)
  • Daily breakfast and dinner
  • Cairo and Luxor lunch
  • All entrance fees
  • All transfers by air-conditioned new buses
  • Licensed English-speaking Egyptian guide
  • Private time in Great Pyramid
  • Semi-private time in the Red pyramid
  • Private time at Sekhmet Temple at Karnak
  • Domestic Air from Cairo to Luxor RT $190.00 (might be less or more)
  • Meet and greet at the airport


Additional Information

Not Included

  • Any personal expenses (drinks, fruit juices, long-distance calls, massages, any room service.)
  • Entry Visa $25.00 upon arrival in Cario (must have $25.00 in USD)
  • Tips to guides, drivers and assistants (I ask for $100.00 to pool together to tip along the way)


Event Details

End Date
30 September 2023
Start Date
17 September 2023