Dopamine Masterclass – Mastering Mindset Motivation & Drive with Celia and Sam

Dopamine Masterclass – Mastering Mindset Motivation & Drive with Celia and Sam

The meditation retreat could be heralded as a “Dopamine Masterclass”. You will work towards better understanding the neural circuitry of dopamine in the brain and body and ignite your inner pharmacy with powerful practice. Learn how to master your dopamine release with Meditation and Lifestyle Medicine tools to improve motivation and focus. We will explore the role of dopamine control in addiction and depression and the outcomes of dopamine depletion. Learn practices and tools to affect sustained increases in baseline dopamine and protect dopamine neurons.

Following this, we shall explore evidence-based mindsets behind good health and well-being, including the attitudes and mindsets of high achievers.

Finally, the retreat will bring back the element of spiritual practice merged with the science of attention, contentment and fulfilment. You will explore how to find purpose with a simple method. Conscious Manifestation as a spiritual practice will close the retreat.

What we shall explore:
Dopamine depletion
Understanding dopamine’s role in addiction and depression, underwhelm and poor performance
Mastering dopamine for motivation, focus, reward, satisfaction and contentment
Mindsets behind good health and well-being (Evidence-based)
Mindsets of high achievers (Evidence-based)
Navigating the spiritual teachings of fulfilment and contentment
The Paradox of Manifestation
Conscious Manifestation as a Spiritual practice

Available as face to face only.

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Event Details

End Date
5 April 2024
Start Date
5 April 2024