cacao and sound

Cacao & Sound: Inner Healing Journey

Cacao & Sound: Inner Healing Journey

Moon & Tide Gatherings - Cacao & Sound

♥️ Inner healing journey with Ceremonial Cacao, Breathwork, Sound Immersion & Energy Healing. This sacred gathering is designed for ALL women from all walks of life! ♥️
Do you ever crave a solo journey within a group experience?
Sometimes we just want to go within, without the pressure of sharing our experience.
There is something really empowering when we tap into our innate healing ability and just trust our soul to guide us.

This is different kind of group experience to our Sacred Sister Circles & Sanctuary Retreats.

If you are seeking quiet, inward reflection whilst receiving high vibrational healing through ceremonial cacao, breathwork, energy work and sound healing, this sacred women's gathering is for you.

This experience is designed to hold you in an intimate and safe container - a dimly candle-lit space surrounded by a small group of women, and guided by your trained & experienced facilitator, Kate of Moon & Tide Gatherings.


Friday 29th April • 6.00 pm – 8.30 pm


What you'll experience:
🌙 Sacred Cacao Ceremony
🌙 Guided breathwork practice
🌙 Sound immersion with the healing vibrations of the 7 Chakra Crystal Singing Bowls and other sound healing instruments
🌙 Reiki-based energy healing
🌙 Energetic movement practice
🌙 Journalling and oracle cards


Sacred Cacao Ceremony
Our sacred cacao ceremony is a beautiful heart-opening ritual of savouring a small cup of highly concentrated ceremonial grade cacao.
It's followed with breathwork in order to dive deep into an inner, yet expansive, healing journey.

This high vibrational, yet gentle, plant medicine allows us to connect with Mother Earth and aligns us with our own sacred nature.

Our ceremonial grade cacao (chocolate in it's most natural form) is in the form of a solid block, shaved, melted and blended with filtered rain water. The cacao is biodynamically and sustainably farmed in Peru.

We source our ceremonial grade cacao from Morning Ritual. 600g blocks of this cacao is also available for purchase on the day (please bring some cash if you think you might like this).


Sacred Gathering held at:
A private and intimate setting, providing a safe container for our journey together. This sacred space is energetically cleared and protected using Reiki techniques prior to the gathering commencing.

Alchemy Brows & Skin – Upstairs, 4 Stevens Street, Yandina, Sunshine Coast


Your investment is $55 (plus service fee, or no fee if you contact me to pay via bank transfer).

To maintain intimacy, this gathering is limited to 10 women.
First Nations Women, Indigenous Women and Women of Colour, LGBTQ+ women, women with a disability, and women under significant financial pressure are warmly welcome to attend at a discounted rate. When booking, use the coupon code “community” for 10% off.


Link to secure your spot:


About Your Facilitator:
Kate Manley is Lightworker, Energy Practitioner, Intuitive Guide, Spiritual & Soul Mentor, and Sacred Space Holder. Her path and purpose in life is to guide women on their inner journey to back to their true essence, their divine nature, and their sacred self.
Kate has a passion for empowering women with the tools and strategies needed to live full of love, connection, and courage, and through strengthening their relationship with their own inner voice and wisdom. She believes in the powerful healing properties of the sun, the moon, and our natural surroundings.

Kate is the visionary and creator behind Moon & Tide Gatherings, a series of sacred women’s gatherings held regularly on the Sunshine Coast. Her private sessions include Energy Therapy, Intuitive Readings, Spiritual Mentoring, Bespoke Ceremonies and Feminine Embodiment.

Kate Manley is a trained Sacred Cacao Facilitator, Women’s Circle Facilitator, Reiki Master, Feminine Embodiment Mentor, Holistic Health Coach and holds a psychology degree and postgraduate qualifications in business.

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29 April 2022
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29 April 2022