Attuned Healing Belinda Smith – Intuitive Energy Healer & Teacher

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Attuned Healing Belinda Smith – Intuitive Energy Healer & Teacher

I am a intuitive healer and teacher, I am here to offer and support individuals on their life journey. 

Thank you so very much for reaching out and connecting with me!! I know I can help and support you on your journey of alchemising (releasing) and healing.

I am an intuitive energy healer and teacher, I love to support, inspire, and educate people on their life journey. I work energetically on your physical, emotional, spiritual, bodies and energetic fields aura and etheric fields. My treatments are very deep cellular quantum healings, meaning we can shift Exponential Alchemy or Healing!!!

I work with a team of guides, and I use light language which is a high energy frequency that speaks to your soul, heart, cells and DNA. Light Language by-passes the logical mind and speaks to your soul, it is powerful and transformative. Here is a link to learn more on Light Language. If the client does not wish to receive light language, we respect that. Many children love listening to it and the songs of Mother Earth that come through as I am a channel.

I work face to face or via Zoom, so we are energetically connected and physically connected. I use intuitive light language to clear your body, chakras and recalibrate your cells with upgraded energy frequencies. You will feel relaxed, clear, light, and centred and it will support your nervous system.

I recently treated a client that has suffered long term migraines and background headaches and she has been two weeks clear of headaches and migraines! She is sleeping better and can concentrate for longer periods of time with her university studies. It is magic!!!


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Kookaburra Terrace, Goonellabah, Lismore City Council, New South Wales, 2480, Australia
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