The Rainbows in the Vegie Patch

The Rainbows in the Vegie Patch

After a Christmas and New Year season of far too much eating, drinking and being merry it was time to do something about the spare tyre growing around my middle. Jumping on the exercise bike I had plenty to look at – the tidal water lapping onto our back yard and the vegie garden bursting with greenness and vitality. On a sunny morning such as this it was a sight for sore eyes.

We live on an estuary that is tidal, so when the tide comes in the river swells and we can launch our canoes and, at high tide, the boat straight into the water. The bush is on crown land and we love to keep it ‘rustic’ and bushy. We have families of noisy kookaburras, wattle birds and plovers, and occasionally ducks and pelicans glide by. Despite living on a main highway we think we have our own little slice of heaven right here.
As a psychic channel and clairvoyant I see a lot more in a theta state than I do with the naked eye, so I decided to tune in to the backyard to see what the energy was like. Oh my goodness! I wish I could draw it for you. The vegie gardens were covered in rainbows! It was so beautiful. I looked for nature sprites found them in the big, bushy tomato plant in the picture. Sparkly light emanated from the bush and the energy was just bursting with love, light and laughter.

Tuning into the river I saw a path of light leading from our garden to the water. This felt like a link from the elementals in the water to those in the garden. The trees by the river were emanating healthy auras and the whole garden was alive with light and colour. It was amazing! Our backyard was a haven and was emanating the beautiful energies of nature and ascension right in front of my third eye!! I was very excited!

I then looked over to our green gauge plum tree. It may only be a few decades old but its energy is

ancient! It was just like the sage card in my tarot deck: a wizened tree holding the knowledge of the universe and of Mother Earth. The leaves emitted a greeny/yellowy glow and its aura radiated out in undulating waves.

I asked Creator about this awesomely, beautiful energy coming from the plants in my back yard. He said, “The love that you and Richy have for each other and that you give to the plants in your garden, combined with and the new energies of ascension coming from Mother Earth have created a vortex of love- energy that radiates the

colours, virtues, attributes and essences of our Father/Mother God. Your energies combined have created this haven for all planes of existence, and this is reflected in the abundance of produce, plant and animal life and joy you receive from the garden and the river. Any garden that is thriving emit an energy of love and draw elementals and abundance to it. A beautiful space can only emit a beautiful energy.”

Wow! I have to say Rich and I are very happy together and love our garden. It’s not perfect but it is our haven. I give thanks for our abundance every day and I always thank the plants before I harvest the produce. I have not really given much thought on how our love energy is reflected back to us by our home environment, but now I know this I encourage everyone to tune into the energy of their gardens and the auras of their plants. If your garden is thriving, happy and feeling loved it will be reflected in your household. Happy gardening!

Love, light and blessings, Victoria Cochrane

Defining Who You Are

Hi my name is Brooke Starr I’m an Intuitive Artist, Holistic Counsellor, Healer and an Advanced Liquid Crystals Practitioner. I’ve always found it extremely hard to define who I am, I struggle to say I am this or I am that, to me, I really just Am! I believe that we are all so unique that we can’t really be put in a box, each of us are unique stars with a unique message for the world.

When I was little my Dad always called me Brooke Starr so when I grew up and became an Artist and Healer I adopted this as my name. It reminds me of my inner child the part of me that exists beyond me but within me, the me that always plays and is more than happy to paint whatever I feel whenever I feel it. The first painting I ever produced as an intuitive Artist, felt like I was being guided the whole time, it was gentle and beautiful and a unique experience I will never forget.

I put down the paintbrush for a little while after a big project I had undertaken I painted 46 paintings in 4 months for a lady that I was doing a numerology course with, she also ran a Goddess workshop. Looking back I gave her my power from the start, and I say gave in bold, it was not taken from me. I offered to do them for free as it was my first big project ever. I assumed it would be a collaboration but it wasn’t at all, “I assumed” was a key lesson for me. She gave me the card names and the words and I painted what I felt, she then wrote a book to go with the cards. I paid to get the photographs taken of my paintings and paid for all the materials, canvas, paints and endless hours of work to do that many paintings. I had to fight with her to have my name on the book as the artist…… she felt that the paintings meant nothing without her words….. I felt differently as without the pictures, there were no cards.

She had an event coming up and as an olive branch, offered me a discount to work from her stand for the period of the event, which was $500, so I agreed, thinking this was a good deal. Only to find out when I arrived that other people selling there things were there for free. When I arrived, and saw her stand, my images were on everything her paperwork up on screens and a painting I did for her was on stage. I wasn’t flattered at all, I felt exposed and uninformed, I had no idea of the impact it would have on me, seeing my work splashed around like it was hers. Art is special to me, it has an energy of its own, it’s important and I felt abused seeing my feelings and expressions splashed around without my consent.

I then had to buy my own cards to add some more insult, I assumed she would send me them first being the artist and all…… “again assumed”. I then read in her book that she stated the images had come to her, “in her minds eye” and I had just painted what she had visioned! Arrrrrggghhh, no this was so untrue and it really hurt. I was having a hard time in my life as well at the time, so the snowball effect had begun and depression quickly followed. It really took everything I had and in the process I gave my power away along with my paintings. People would say you made money from the painting, so what’s the big deal? The big deal was that I felt taken advantage of and I only had myself to blame. I did sell the paintings for money but the lesson was more valuable to me in the journey. By making the decisions I did, I chose to see myself as second best, this took away from my identity and my self-worth and essence and I forgot who I was.

I had to find myself again. I had learnt many valuable lessons ‘everyone makes mistakes’ ‘I need to look out for me’ and most importantly don’t assume anything! That one little chip of not valuing me by saying I would paint for free, was the beginning of a catalyst to learn about personal power and putting others above myself. It’s ok to make mistakes it’s OK to stuff things up its ok to get angry and feel emotional but above all I learnt that I am responsible for my actions and none of it felt right but I did nothing about it until I exploded and left myself in pieces, I would later have to collect and pull myself together again.
Thankfully, I found me again, when I stumbled across The Liquid crystals by Justin Asar. I just moved from Melbourne to Queensland and a friend knowing how much I loved crystals told me about a course in Liquid Crystals so I brought The Liquid Crystals Oracle and I went along to the course and have never turn back the most amazing modality I have ever experienced. I would do Liquid Crystal healings and reading everyday if I could. Everyone who knows me knows that I always talk about Liquid Crystals. I really believe they have been gifted to the earth from the earth for our children and the children within us all.

Doing this work has helped me regain the confidence to pick up my brush again because my inner child would not let me forget my essence. When I was little I always loved art class more than anything else and always felt that I should have become an artist much earlier in my life. I know now that I had not listened to my child within whispering to me you are an artist. I found it very difficult to call myself an Artist without having an art degree but the older I have gotten and the more I have lived I realise that we are all artists in our own way and that sharing our unique style of art is an expression and in judging my own art was really just me judging myself.

Picking up a brush and dipping it into a beautiful colour of paint emerging it with other colours to create something magical is my favourite thing to do and yet I hadn’t always made time for it. However, when I stopped giving myself a hard time for this I realised that we Express when we need to and it can’t be in a 9 til 5 timeframe it really just is when we are called to from within to express outwardly. Now looking at my painting I can tell those that I have painted that are directly from my spirit’s expression and ones that were planned and hard work for me because they came from my mind and thoughts instead of my feelings. It’s very interesting to me that the of my painting that others love, they are always the ones that are true spirit, truly divine and from the heart. I have created some beautiful cards of my own and I feel great about it!! So doing all those suffering painting and having all those lessons in the end, I took my power back and I have never felt stronger!

If you need some advice around finding yourself, some lessons in Intuitive Art or a Healing or Liquid Crystals session, please contact Brooke at: She is one of the fantastic team at

Positive energy v Negative energy

Energy is like a magnet. Positive energy attracts positive outcomes. Negative energy produces more negativity.

When we get stuck in a rut we need to take a step back and start assessing things.

When we vibrate with positive energy we draw positive outcomes closer to us at a faster rate as we are aligning with what we wish to receive. When we are negative, we push things further away.

Positive energy makes us feel optimistic, and lighter. We are actually energetically recharged and can achieve more. I find my most productive times are when I am brimming with positivity. When you feel a bit negative about a situation, you stall from uncertainty or you don’t produce your best work if you doubt your ability. Negativity can effect you emotionally and can be stressful and leave you feeling physically drained.

When we encounter set-backs, instead of attaching a negative feeling to it, we need to try and look at it as a learning experience. You need to question how you can grow from this experience, or what you can do differently next time to avoid this particular situation. If that doesn’t work then break the hurdle down in small steps that you can resolve one by one.

We all encounter set-backs from time to time, however what defines us is how we bounce back from the situation. Try seeing things from a different perspective and remember that nothing lasts forever.

We only ever encounter the same situation over and over if we have not learned the lesson previously.

When you have a negative thought, try replacing it with a positive one. Keep doing this until it becomes a habit.

When you are positive and happy, you really shine!

If you are surrounded by negative people also, that in turn can make you feel negative. Surround yourself with positive uplifting people.

Brim with positivity!

Psychic Guidance by Anna

Simple Ways to Achieve Spiritual Growth

Simple Ways to Achieve Spiritual Growth


It definitely is great to maintain strong relationships with the people around you—your family, friends, colleagues at work, etc.—but it is also important to know to keep a great relationship with yourself and your beliefs. Religions vary, you may be a Christian, a Muslim, a Tao, etc. but your faith and spirituality must be put first in your priority. The highest goal of any spiritual journey is total and complete abandon and surrender and it is the most powerful action of all. It means letting the God that you believe in or the Universe to do its job while you sit and take in and enjoy everything life has to offer. Today we will provide with a list of simple ways to ensure spiritual growth and a balanced life.

Spend some quiet and alone time.

It feels good to do away with noise from now and then. If you can find a free time in your day, go to a quiet place in your house and start to contemplate. Meditate every day. Close your eyes and be silent for a period of time and be one with the force that drives this universe around.

Maximize the positive energy around you.

For sure you understood how the law of attraction works, that if you keep wanting it bad enough, then you will get it. Learn to attract similar minded people who are also wish to achieve spiritual growth as you. Be with people who enjoy the simple things in life. Be in the company of people who have positive outlook in life—those who not really ignore the bad stuff, but know how to focus on the more important things. Your communication does not necessarily have to be personal. You can talk to people online and share what makes you grateful. A wonderful site even gives you 3 free mins psychic chat which you can utilize anyway you wish.

Take some nature trips.

What can be more fun yet spiritual than taking a hike and being one with nature? Surround yourself with the greens of the forest. You will see that long walks in a place where you can hear the birds sing is totally conducive for your contemplations. Inhale all the positive energy, exhale all the bad vibes as you walk. You will eventually find the activity spiritually therapeutic.

Do some yoga.

Yoga literally means “union.” The rishis taught us that by balancing, stretching, and exercising gives us an occasion to experience being united with God. Yoga is a nice workout for your entire body, but it also gives you an opportunity to be spiritual in a gentle and peaceful way.

Read, read, and read.

You do not have to buy new books. You can easily go to the nearest public library and borrow some books that are meant to be inspirational in nature. Digest everything you read and contemplate how you can apply those things in your own life.

Be happy no matter what.

As soon as you learn to accept that things happen for a reason, the sooner you will understand that happiness comes from within. Do not let some petty letups affect your mood. Sulking while in a bad traffic would not make a difference. Better yet, put on your earplugs and play some happy tunes to make your trip more enjoyable.

Express gratitude every day.

Did someone hold the door for you? Do not let the moment pass not saying thank you. Did someone offer you a seat on the bus? Say your thank you. Small acts of kindness like those create an endless ripple. Not only will the other person feel good, you will also feel good for being able to recognize his or her kindness.

Celebrate small victories.

It is nice to have a set of short-term and long-term goals. List them down so you can keep track of your progress. Once you achieve one of them, no matter how small or seemingly unimportant, celebrate.  Treat yourself to a spa day or a movie. This mentality motivates you to do better in achieving those goals.

Talk to yourself before going to sleep.

Each night before you go to bed, ask yourself these questions: what have I done today to make me happy? What have I done to make others around me happy? Evaluating one’s self before the day ends ensures that we are aware of how our actions affect other people.

Learn to forgive yourself.

Things happen for a reason, right? You will commit mistakes and do wrong both to yourself and to other people. This is normal. Chalk it up to learning experience and do not hold grudges, especially to yourself. Learn to forgive yourself. Accept who you are and what you did. Do your best every day and never to commit the same mistakes twice. Sometimes it pays off to pause and think about what you do or say next to make sure no one gets hurt with your words or your actions.

Just let go.

Knowing when to let go is another way to ensure your spiritual growth. You will be wrong sometimes, and more often you are right. But delving deeper and longer into what we did wrong or poorly is not going to help us either. Things will get better, you know that. Just let go and let everything take its natural course.

There you have them! By now you will have learned that achieving spiritual growth does not have to include a stamped passport and a one-way ticket to India. These are small things you can start doing in order for you to grow spiritually; you would not even have to spend money. Being spiritual is a choice, and it entails doing these things every day. These are just some of the simple ways to be more spiritual in your everyday lives. If you think we missed something, we would love to hear from you. Do not be afraid to leave your comments down below. Your words matter to us.

Images by
vylip and jevinya under Public Domain CC0

Being an Empath

Empathy is the ability to feel or sense another’s emotions or energies either up close or from a distance. Empaths are also quite intuitive and perceptive.

A lot of people have this ability and are not fully aware of it. Usually they can’t explain why they are feeling a certain way and are in fact absorbing the energy of others around them and taking on their feelings as their own.

An example would be being in the presence of someone who is negative. The empath was feeling calm and positive before their interaction, and now they are feeling drained and negative. At times it is often hard to distinguish whether your feelings are your own or whether you are feeling others.

This ability can be overwhelming at times if you aren’t able to fully detach yourself from feeling everything so deeply and being highly sensitive.

I personally find it difficult to watch sad movies or news. When people cry, I feel their pain and emotions instantly and end up crying myself. I am a psychic medium and one of my abilities is also the gift of being an empath. I can feel people’s emotions and also any physical pain they feel.

The most important thing for an empath is to try to stay calm and grounded. You need to find a way to balance your energy so you are not constantly drained by taking on others emotions and energies.

Empaths are also drawn to helping people. They have a way of really connecting to and understanding people. It is almost like stepping into another’s shoes and experiencing what they go through.

Again, balance is important here because you need to also look after your own wellbeing as well as helping others.

I tend to get overwhelmed at times with a large group of people as I absorb all of their energy instantly so I try to do fun activities and relax and recharge my energy.

I feel blessed to be able to help others through my gifts as well as being an empath.

If you are an empath, learn to embrace your gift as well. You have the gift to feel and sense things very deeply.

Psychic Guidance by Anna

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